SS15 Collection Lookbook from Manic Trout

Its been a bit confusing as this space evolved from all about Manic Trout, to sort of of about it, to not really talking about it at all except in the very behind the scenes aspect. That is kind of sad, and kind of cool as this blog became its own entity and Manic Trout has an all jewelry, all the time blog. But once in a while, it makes sense to share something Manic Troutish here…like today. The SS15 Collection Lookbook is so pretty, and as it’s only in the spotlight for 3 months before the resort collection arrives, lets give it some attention, shall we?

Thank you to the amazing team who makes this gorgeous creation possible!

Manic Trout SS15 Collection Lookbook 1

Manic Trout SS15 Collection Lookbook 2

Manic Trout SS15 Collection Lookbook 3

Manic Trout SS15 Collection Lookbook 4

Manic Trout SS15 Collection Lookbook 5

Manic Trout SS15 Collection Lookbook 6

Check out the lookbook in a beautiful slider on!

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Biblio-files for February 2015

books for february 2015

I really enjoyed all four books this month. They were all completely engaging stories that made me want to read all day long.

1. Two Girls, Fat and Thin by Mary Gaitskill. A story of two women and the path to meeting. It bounces back and forth from past to present and from women to women, but in a coherent manner. Completely engaging and well written, I found myself horrified over the raw emotion of some parts and laughing at the bizarreness of the situations in others. Perhaps not something you want to read on a plane or a beach, but really good.

2. Girls’ Poker Night by Jill A. Davis. Cute, bordering on chick lit, but not that fluffy, its a fun read. This one would be great for the beach or the plane!

3. Ask Again Later by Jill A. Davis. I’m not sure how I read two books by the same author back to back. I blame the accidental trip to goodwill for books a month or so ago. You end up buying a bunch by one author, because, why not? Cute and funny, a fun read.

4. Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen. I have no idea how I never read this book before. Even Adam asked how I never had. It was wonderful and I loved every minute of it. If you too somehow missed reading this one, make sure you add it to your list. Its about a elderly man who is reminiscing about his days as a circus vet. Its a wonderful story.

Have you read any good books lately?

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My birthday at the rodeo!

At Rodeo Austin

I celebrated a birthday on Sunday and Adam surprised me with tickets to Rodeo Austin. It was a great idea on his part, as I have been bugging him to go for 3 years. I have been to rodeos in NY, but this was my first Texas rodeo, and as you can imagine, it was an entirely different beast. First of all, if you tell people on Austin that you went to the rodeo, they ask what band you saw. That’s the first and only question. I found this incredibly odd as we didn’t even stay for the band, but also because who goes to a rodeo to not watch cowboys???


The second glaring difference is that when you get to the rodeo, you first encounter a carnival and then a mini fair…complete with pig races and livestock judging. As we had not been before, Adam wanted to make sure we had time to do and see everything before the 3pm rodeo, so we arrived at about 11. Next time I think I’ll be good with getting to the grounds at 2:30 and going immediately into the grandstand. Being at the fair so early in the day did however make it possible to enjoy a donut for breakfast and cotton candy for lunch. This was followed at home by cake for dinner and cookies for dessert…a birthday well played in my opinion!


Admittedly, I think we had as much fun dressing for the rodeo than we did going to it. Kidding! The rodeo itself was wonderful, and we were lucky to be upgraded to 2nd row seats about 20 minutes in. We were even hit with dirt flinging off of hooves as the barrel racing girls tore around the barrel in front of our seats. The little kids riding sheep was perhaps one of the highlights, but tied neck and neck with the bull riders. I can’t wait to go back next year!

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How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout today 13-18

One of my favorite things to do is put jewelry on Faye…she however, hates it. We have fallen into a rhythm of one dress up session a month, which makes me happy and keeps Faye’s resting bitch face in photos to a minimum. Mora may be better suited for this job, but as Faye is still having some issues of not being the sole apple of my eye, we’ll wait on that. Until then, we can enjoy watching Faye show us all what bitchy royalty she is…by being merely tolerant of what is going on.

Here is the round up of the last six months of How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout today!

How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today, October 2014
Master of the Zombie Apocalypse in the endangered Lost in Space Necklace.

October, 2014: It was Halloween and had to be done. That zombie made noise when you walked by it…but you’ll notice Faye is cool as a cucumber. Future survivor of the zombie apocalypse, for sure!

How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today, November 2014
Shivering away in the Peigi Insects Are All Around Us Necklace.

November 2014: She is trying so hard to pretend that she’s warm while sitting still in the open doorway that I insisted she sit in for better light. I tried to explain that it’s a common modeling hazard to have to endure freezing temps in bikinis for the great shot…I’m not sure she believed me.

How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today, December 2014
Matching with mom in Come Fly With Me Necklaces.

December 2014: It should be noted that a) it was much harder than I thought to do this shot by myself and b) if I had kids we would totally wear matching outfits.

How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today, January 2015
Celebrating National Dress Up Your Pet Day in the Rabbit Heart Necklace!

January 2015: We used the drapes in the bedroom as a backdrop…the pattern on these is one of my all time favorites and so pretty against her coloring!

How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today, February 2015
Soaking up the sun in the Tilde Cherry Bomb Necklace!

February 2015: We’re a bit out of practice and most of our shoot was spent with my trying to stop Faye from getting out of the necklace, but we were enjoying the sunshine anyway!

How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today, March  2015
Lounging like royalty in the Melia Tropical Oceans Necklace.

March 2015: We shot in a few locations for this one as it was midday and the sun was too harsh. No matter where we were though, Faye kept turning towards Mora and giving her a look that said “see, I’m better than you”. Full on DIVA.

To see the rest of this series:
How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today 9-12
How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today 1-8

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Ice cream is my new best friend

Ice Cream

A side effect of the whole wisdom tooth debacle is that even when the advil is casting its pain managing web, and although the swelling has mostly gone down, the right side of my mouth is still sore. As you can imagine, certain foods just feel better to eat. Ice cream/frozen yogurt is the obvious choice and as its warming up here in Austin, a delightful one on many levels. The combination of my recent chocolate cravings and my usual fav tart/super sugary flavors not doing well with where I accidentally bit my swollen cheeks, I have had two amazing desserts this week that are so not what I normally go for that I feel compelled to share them.

The first was a combo of vanilla and salted caramel fro yo with marshmallows, chocolate, butterscotch and caramel drizzles from Yo Way in South Austin…this was so wonderfully soft to eat!

Salted Caramel Shake from Frank, Austin TX
The second was the Salted Caramel shake with added chocolate syrup from Frank. Divine, and have you sensed a theme? Salted Caramel is apparently destined to be the trend ice cream of the summer, and it should be, delicious!

Admittedly, I’m lactose intolerant, so I had to come home and lie down immediately after eating these or I felt my bloated tummy would send me floating skyward.  However they made my mouth feel so much better that I happily took the discomfort to sooth the pain. You know, like that guy who James Franco played in that movie when he cut off his arm off to save his life…its like that.

To catch you up on the tooth situation: I saw the dentist, he decided that as I have a small mouth (first time any one has ever said THAT!) and the infected tooth is partially impacted, he thinks it best to go to a dental surgeon. He also like the idea that once I’m under, they can just remove all 4 and be done with it. My consultation with the surgeon is next Tuesday, and then they will get me into surgery as soon as they can in the week or so after that. The dentist said that the infection seems to be quickly improving, so waiting up to a month will be ok. I just need to be careful with it…so it looks like I may have to have few more ice cream treats before this whole thing is done!

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My luck ran out with my wisdom teeth

My lopsided self on Saturday
My lopsided self on Saturday

I hate going the dentist…as most of us do. Fortunately, I have had a good run of luck for 38 years with very strong and healthy teeth, so the only trauma I have had to endure in my visits was 1 cavity about a decade ago. I however have been waiting, terrified for 2 things to happen. First, I have 4 baby teeth still. Its like I’m a medical marvel to the dentist world and every time I see a new dentist they get really excited when they realize that I have not lost them yet. Then they bum me out by reminding me that I will indeed loose them as their roots are so little. When that day comes, I will have to get implants because they are not between molars. I fear that day so very much as it will cost a fortune and be a long and painful process.

Second, I still have all 4 wisdom teeth and 1 of these is partially erupted (like an iceberg in my gum). Due to my anxious pleading, dentists have let me get away with not getting them removed as none them have bothered me yet, but they have made it clear that one day, that peeking out tooth would become infected.

Well the day of my second fear crept up on me and then threw a party. As I fell asleep thursday night, I felt a little discomfort back there and by Friday morning knew something was wrong as my gums were swelling. I called my dentist (who for some odd reason, is not open on Fridays) and scheduled an appointment asap, which finally happening tomorrow morning. The receptionist told me to gargle salt water and take advil…both of which I was already doing, thank you google. Saturday morning, I woke up early for my first day of attending panels at SXSW and the entire lower side of my face was swollen (see above for proof) and hot and I felt like I might have a fever. Worst timing ever, tooth!! So I did a quick google search and it seemed like an infection caused by the peeking out wisdom tooth had rapidly spread and that if it got into my jaw, I could die. So I woke up Adam and made him take me to the ER up the street. Thankfully as we live about 8 minutes from downtown and it was early on a Saturday morning, so I was in and out of there in 20 minutes after getting a prescription and promising the DR that I had an appointment to get the tooth extracted asap.

The interesting thing is that when I told the doctor about my penicillin allergy, he asked about all the details and long story short, I am no longer allergic to it! About 25% of people who have been allergic to penicillin in the past, grow out of it. This was great news as even though I have not been on antibiotics since I was 19, its just not a great allergy to have. The pharmacist was TERRIFIED to let me have my prescription though, I had to show her all my paperwork and promise her that I took the first dose in the ER and all was fine. I mean she was totally legit in feeling this way, I don’t blame her!

So more happy selfies for me
So more happy selfies for me

So now, Monday evening, most of the swelling has gone down but my gums are still killing me. I’m crossing my fingers that the extraction can be done tomorrow in the office during my appointment because this just needs to be over. I however do not regret that I never had them removed when I was younger. There are more benefits to having it done in my late 30’s as opposed to early 20’s. Reason 1: I have a husband who will wait on me in my pathetic post oral nightmare and reason 2: dental insurance. I do want to note that its kind of odd because I don’t have actual tooth pain, its all gums/cheek which is where the infection is. So eating is not a problem…its kind of like a headache in my mouth.

Think happy thoughts for me tomorrow!

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Pool Noodles

pool noodle art

I’m a big fan of pool noodles. They allow lots of lounging in water without exerting yourself. I however have not before seen pool noodle art!

“Hundreds of pool noodles invaded an abandoned alley in Quebec City, Canada as part of Delirious Frites, an architectural art installation created by Les Astronautes.”

I’ve always loved a good installation. This one is for sure on my list of ones I want to experience in person! What was the last great installation you saw?

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Happy Birthday Faye!

Happy Birthday Faye!

It’s Faye’s birthday today! It’s been a tough few weeks for her with having to adjust to having a little sister. She has behaved much better than I though she would though, considering she was my only furbaby and the sole apple of my eye for more than decade. I have had Faye by my side for most of the major events in my adult life…starting Manic Trout, divorce, many, many moves including from NY to TX, my second wedding and everything in between. I was having baby pangs the day I brought her home and after about 10 minutes, I never had one again. She was everything I needed. When I met Adam in Austin, I told him he had to come to NY and meet Faye and if she didn’t like him, we were done…and I wasn’t kidding. I love you more than anything little Faye, Happy Birthday!


Faye and Mora celebrating in style!
Faye and Mora celebrating in style!
Every birthday needs party hats!
Every birthday needs party hats!

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Deep thoughts on seasonal candy

Easter  3Musketeers Marshmallows
I will always remember the Spring of 2015 as the time of the 3Musketeers Marshmallows.

If you are a candy lover, you already know how exciting seasonal candy can be. Every holiday brings with it both the well loved standards and new exciting things to try. It’s pretty amazing, and kind of helpful that not all candy is available year round because, well…I have no self control when it comes to sugar. I will now try and make everyone reading this a seasonal candy lover…or at least feel for me that sugar has such a strong hold over my mental state.

1. The minute halloween ends, I begin counting down the days until the good candy corn (brachs) is back in stores.

2. As with all shopping, the exclusivity and time sensitivity of seasonal candy makes you want it more. And makes it taste better.

3. The logic of #2 explains why the changing candy corn flavors every year are the most amazing I’ve ever had.

4. The downside to seasonal candy is that in the excitement, you can way over do it and then never want to see that candy again. Cadbury Cream Eggs, I’m looking at you.

5. Seasonal candy give you something to look forward to and get excited about in the dreary days of winter. Just knowing that candy hearts and white chocolate rabbits are coming has brought me endless happiness while being snowed in.

6. Because seasonal candy is so short lived, there is less guilt on binge eating it. Because you may NEVER EAT IT AGAIN!!!

7. #6 may be a bad thing to some people…not to me.

8. Seasonal candy gives reason to have fun during holidays that you otherwise would not celebrate. Valentine’s Day is in my top 5  holidays for the single fact that its centered around chocolate.

9. Don’t be afraid to try things you may not normally enjoy when it is in seasonal candy form. I for example, rarely eat chocolate and don’t usually go for marshmallows, but this year I am obsessed with the 3Musketeers Marshmallow candies.

10. Even though seasonal candy is around only a short while, I never stock pile it. I eat what I can during its shelf life and then move on. Its a happy coincidence that there are no candy holidays from Easter until Halloween or I would never be able to wear a bathing suit. Sad but true.

Favorite seasonal candies:

Halloween: Candy Corn (brachs only)

Thanksgiving: Harvest Mix (brachs…its a crossover holiday)

Christmas: Peppermint Chocolate. (I prefer the white candy cane kisses)

Valentine’s Day: Cream filled milk chocolates. (Russell Stover makes a box with just creams but its milk and dark chocolate butI just discovered that you can build your own box of chocolates on their site!!!!)

Easter: 3Musketeers Marshmallows (used to be Cadbury Cream Eggs but I ate too many)

What’s your favorite seasonal candy? Is there a holiday I am missing out on?

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Spring Cleaning: blog edition

New branding at Manic Trout.
The spring cleaning continues!

You know how you sometimes put things off until the breaking point, and then you have a big mess to deal with? Yeah, that happened this weekend with the blog. It started innocently enough, I swear. As Adam and I such slackers with She Says, He Says, I decided it was time to make it a column of Her Daily Muse and get rid of the stand alone blog. In doing so, I made a phone call to tech support to make sure I redirected the domain correctly and inquired why this blog had been so slow. Well, as it turns out, it was due to my being on a really old hosting plan. This is the problem with having a tech based company. If you just move along without keeping up the latest and greatest, you end up being a clunky dinosaur…which the blog had become. So I began migrating to a new hosting method…and then all hell broke loose. Ugh, it was a major pain in the ass, but after 3 intense days, I only lost a few photos and posts, mostly from 2007-2011 so not so bad. Its worth the faster speed and the safe feeling that I don’t have to worry about being out of date for at least a year.  It also motivated me to get back to blogging…partly due to a new spiffed up theme and partly because why go through all of this work to not blog?

With all of the changes going on with Manic Trout, I kind of picked up and abandoned this space. Manic Trout has it’s own blog now and I haven’t been quickly getting the hang of what to do here. Going though the posts from the past 9 years was actually a great way to get me back on track and thinking about what I want to write about. And that’s the main reason that I want to keep Her Daily Muse going, I enjoy writing. So we’ll see how it goes. In the mean time, it’s so fresh and new here! Ahhh, new branding, new collection, new blog…it feels good!

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