FW15 Collection from Manic Trout

FW15 Collection from Manic Trout

It’s time again for one of my favorite days of the year, the launch date of one of the quarterly collections from Manic Trout! The FW15 Collection has launched and it’s lovely. Featuring 24 pieces, this collection is one part animal statement jewelry and one part gemstone statement jewelry, both parts including 4 necklaces, 4 bracelets and 4 pairs of earrings. The pieces work together as sets or as separates depending on how you like to wear your jewelry.

FW15 Collection from Manic Trout

As promised, I designed half of this collection for the animal jewelry fans and I hope these pieces will delight you! I decided that the animal bracelets in particular needed some love and I love the results. I also tried something new with this collection and designed corresponding earrings that can pair with the necklaces and/or bracelets. I put more thought into this collection than any other I had designed before and hope that my attention to the little details have brought to life the things that I have found Manic Trout customers to both love and request.


FW15 Collection from Manic Trout

The second half of the collection continues in the direction that I have been going in with designs that particularly have work in mind. Women spend so much of their lives in their work attire, and they should have beautiful, well made, unique jewelry that they love to wear be a part of that! I have found that statement jewelry is the perfect solution for providing basic outfits with a boost of high style. Especially ideal for the in-betweens of life such as work, formal luncheons and dinners, weddings, fundraisers and well, you get the idea, it’s what you wear when you’re not lounging at home or attending formal balls. I designed the Different Colors collection to be easy to wear, yet luxurious in it’s color combinations and the gemstones each piece is made from. The free form cut of the larger stones lends a beautiful organic element to the classic style and makes each piece as unique as the women who wear them. The pieces work as well on their own as they do worn as a set and can be mixed and matched if preferred.

FW15 Collection from Manic Trout

Thank you for learning about the FW15 Collection from Manic Trout! To celebrate the launch, please enjoy 20% off the collection September 1st & 2nd with fw15firstdibs at checkout. To stay up to date on what is going in at Manic Trout, be sure to connect on Facebook and Instagram.


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Biblio-files for June & July 2015

What I read in June 2015
Books from June 2015

Whew, what a month August has been! I took most of July and all of this month off from blogging because, well,  I blog as a hobby so I can. I tried my best to enjoy summer and among other things, even took a mini vacation to the beach…I’m so proud of myself! I missed writing here terribly though, so I hope to be present in this space as much as possible this fall. I am starting with my favorite post to share…what I’ve been reading. Because if you hadn’t figured it out by now, I love nothing better than a really great book.

June 2015
1. Big Cherry Holler by Adriana Trigiani. I discovered while reading Big Cherry Hollar earlier this year, that the book was part of a series. I however became a bit confused and bought the 3rd book next and when I climbed into bed to read it, I was so very sad. I ordered the 2nd book (this one) from my phone and thanks to prime, was reading it in two days. These books are like dessert. Really yummy and in the moment you justify that you can live on nothing but them forever. But afterwards you feel a bit guilty and your blood sugar spikes, so you immediately crave some veggies to balance yourself out.

2. Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese. This book would be the veggies. Somehow in the past few years, I have been drawn to books that are called “magical”. I’m not sure how this has come to be, but this is one of those books. Its incredibly well written and carries you through a winding story that enraptures you the entire time. Highly recommended but magical? Not sure.

3. Juneteenth by Ralph Ellison. Invisible Man was one of my favorite book in high school, so naturally, I was drawn to the second and last novel by Ellison, published after his death. I have carried it around with me for years and finally decided to dive in…on June 19th. Because I’m sassy like that. In typical Ellison fashion, the descriptive writing style both brings the imagery form the book to life, but also drags a bit in places. I’m glad I finally made the time to read it. It’s sort of like crossing a book of my bucket list.

4. Sea Glass by Anita Shreve. Admittedly I had to flip though the book to remember what it was about. Granted, I read it in June, but still…the others all flooded back in seconds of glancing at their covers. Lets just chalk it up to a beach read and not dwell on it, there are 7 other books on this page you could read instead.

Books I Read in July, 2015
Books from July 2015

July 2015
1. Music for Torching by A.M. Holmes. I need to preface this by saying that Holmes is one of my favorite authors, but her books are deeply disturbing. I recall a book of hers I read when I was 19 so vividly, that I still talk about how much it disturbed me regularly. Reading this book, I asked myself constantly why I would put myself though the trauma of her books, but you would have to rip that book away from my clutching hands to give it up. I bawled my eyes out the end…and then just laid in bed and stared at the ceiling in disbelief. The woman has serious writing chops.

2. The Godmother by Carrie Adams. After reading anything by Holmes, I find the nicest and sweetest book in my stash to read next. This one is exactly that and as the back states, it’s “heartwarming, funny and genuine”. Precisely what I needed after the emotional roller coaster of what I just finished. Sometimes, you just need a classic coming of age story.

3. Perfect Family by Pam Lewis. I am not normally drawn to books that are focused on a murder or crime, but I think my love forensic tv has finally influenced my reading. I enjoyed the story, I think much of it had to do with it being still in the fiction genre and not a crime novel. We’ll call this one “crime lite”. Good story, engaging.

4. Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman. I have just begin my adventure with the writing of Klosterman and I may be in the honeymoon phase still as I have only ready 2 of his books, but I’m smitten. I love his snarky style and his disdain for oh so much. I’m sure much of why I feel this way is due to being in the generation that he seems to write for, so there’s that. I highly recommend you give one of his books a whirl!

Soooo, what have you been reading?

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Pro Tip: Fro-yo

I jokingly posted on a photo I took of my Shack Burger on Instagram a few weeks ago “Pro-Tip: ask for xtra pickles on the side” and I realized I was onto something. As I not only love food, I have personally been in the food industry AND many, many of my friends are in restaurant management or chefs. This all means that I not only know my way around a restaurant, but talk about food All. The. Time. As we have already established, on Wednesdays we talk about food. So now, on some Wednesdays, I will share Pro Tips with you.

This week it’s all about the Fro Yo! I am a big fan of the soft serve yogurt places as you get to add candy and as much of it as you want with no judgement. Its the only time I get to eat candy these days and I look forward to this treat every other week or so. A month or so ago, Adam and I were chatting with the young man who seems to always be working when we go to the place down the street and he changed my life forever with one word: layering. As in layer your toppings. So simple and obvious and yet not something I would have ever thought to do! I was so excited that I made a really quick video…and I immediately changed the lives of my IG and Vine followers. Mind blowing.

p.s. if you cannot view the view, you may watch it on Instagram.

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The past 10 days have been jam packed with activities. We had two waves of house guests as well as logging in a good amount of hours with friends. Due to the schedules that Adam and I both keep these days, it was a bit outside of our norm and made it feel as though we were the ones on vacation! This also explains my absence from blogging for the past week…when I did get into the studio it was pretty quick and focused on getting orders out the door. I spent more time doing laundry (so many sheets, blankets and towels!) than I did in the studio last week, ha! I oddly took very few photos though all of the fun, and the majority of the photos that I snapped were with my sister Gillian when she was here as I very rarely see her. Regardless, I decided to collect all of my favorite moments right here as one of the best parts about blogging is that you are keeping a record of your life, and I love looking back at past events. So here is our July, 2015 impromptu Stay-cation

Barton Springs
At Barton Springs Pool
At Barton Springs Pool
Sister antics at dinner
Sister antics at dinner
One of many, many wonderful meals out on the town
One of many, many wonderful meals out on the town
Aggressive sister love in 2011 (top) and 2015 (bottom)
Aggressive sister love in 2011 (top) and 2015 (bottom)

We ate all the things, saw all the places, listened to live music, went dancing, ate more of the things, went new phone shopping (4 of us have new phones now, yay!), played board games and ate some more things. In the wake of all of this merriment, I’m a bit exhausted, bloated from eating all the things, and some how haven’t had time to wash my hair in three days, but I had such a fun time!

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Current Inspiration


I often find that in gathering images that inspire me, the obvious theme is not apparent right away. This happened with a collection of images that are hauntingly beautiful that I came to call “Submerged“. They are as you may imagine, photographs of bodies submerged underwater. All are of women, sometimes in gowns, sometimes with their heads not visible and above the water line and range from standing to floating to diving. I love everyone of them and would pet them on the head each night before I went to bed if it were possible.

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Deep Thoughts from The Past Week


1. It’s weird how much you realize you love some one (pets included) when they are sick. With Mora this week, it was the moment when the emergency hospital vet asked if I wanted to sign a DNR for her. I surprised myself with the level of ferociousness that I responded with when telling them that of course I wanted them to do whatever they could to make sure that she lived.

2. Not all birds will cause dire harm, but SOME birds will absolutely cause bad things to happen to a dog when they eat them.

3. Having goals, a plan to accomplish them and an organized place to track them will make productivity higher.

4. Stacks of random to do lists may do nothing but cause anxiety.

5. Fireworks are more fun for the anticipation factor then the actual event is.

6. A tiny change to a room, like a new duvet cover, can make a huge impact. This can translate to many facets of life. If some part of your life feels in a rut, make a little change and you may be surprised how powerful it can be.

7. Optimism is contagious. “Surround yourself with only people who are going to take you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey.

8. Online sales are slow for everyone in July, stop panicking and work on something that you normally would not have time for, like SEO.

9. You are not alone. No matter what you are feeling, thinking or doing, there is someone else out there going through the same thing.

10. Manic Trout is having a fabulous Summer Sale and you can get really pretty jewelry at really great prices right now. Ok not so deep, but fun!

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DIY Planner Perfection

I cannot help myself, there are multiple calendars in there.
We all know I have an obsession with calendars, but for the most part my addiction to planners has been pretty minimal. Mostly because I just gave up on finding what I wanted, and I’d settle dfor what is available. Really I think this is the entire reason for being so into calendars…but maybe not. They may end up being two separate and intense loves. Last week I was chatting with Renee about the quest for the perfect planner and how I gave up. Renee on the other hand has been diligently searching and searching for years, and refuses to give up…I’m in awe of her perseverance. It made me have a burst of renewed desire to find perfection in planner form and I took to google. I came close with the planners by Emily Ley, but when I discovered that they sold out months in advance, I was over it. Then I started looking at printable pages on Etsy. Which led me back to google, which finally brought me to Scattered Squirrel. I ended up spending a ridiculous amount of time this week downloading and printing pages. Testing them out for a day or two, seeing if they worked for me or not. I stapled different pages back to back to see what order I liked everything in…I may have wasted a bit of paper. But then I began to get really excited. You see I don’t need an agenda style planner…mapping out times is not really what I’m looking for. Its more of the goal tracking/list making that I need to do. But I want to do so on daily/monthly and weekly levels and this just does seem impossible in a preprinted version. Most likely as it will get very large.

Two of the pages for days of the week.
As the week has progressed, I have been kept up at night about how I will keep all of this assembled. To test it out, I just stuck it all in a white ½” 3 ring binder. I use them all over the place in the studio, so I had one on hand. I however felt that I needed something bigger…and maybe with a bit more flair! I thought of having it bound, but decided against it as I think the best plan is to remove the daily pages at the end of each month, keeping only the week/month goals in there. This way, the size stays smaller, I can look back and see progress and if I don’t want to track a day (say a day off), I’m not wasting paper. I have also already eliminated pages that I had at first thought I’d use, but after a few days realized I would not. So I imagine that as time goes on, I will be removing or even adding things (there are so many different options to choose from!!!). But for now I am really excited about what I put together. But wait…it get’s better.

It’s very hard to photograph a glitter binder, so this photo is the product shot.
I ran into OfficeDepot to grab some ink earlier today and stopped in my tracks because: GLITTER!! Right on an end cap was a sparkly gold glitter 1″ 3 ring binder, with mint interior!! I gasped so loud, a sales associate heard me and chuckled. It’s perfect. (note: I only like glitter that does not shed and this is all contained in plastic, so it is safe glitter). I now have the perfect planner (until someone makes one that like more). Yay.


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Top 5 Snacks that are sort of guilt free.


peanut butter pretzles  

Are you a snacker? I find that eating every four hours works best for me so I usually eat three meals and a snack each day. I have never been much of a snack food eater, so I don’t stock the pantry  with things like chips and crackers but that doesn’t mean I avoid all snacks. The above photo is of my ultimate weakness, peanut butter filled pretzels. These are the HEB brand and are available both in the chip aisle and in the bulk foods aisle. I prefer to buy them in the bulk aisle so I only buy a handful as I have no self control. They never last more than one day, no matter how big the bag! Regardless if they’re pretzels or a bit healthier, my favorite go snack foods are easy to grab and usually a combo of salty and sweet. I will often have my snack within half an hour of a run or workout so I like snacks that fuel me as much as possible. These are my go to top five, sometimes I add in new ones but I usually come back to these:

1. Apples and peanut butter (or almond or sun butter). My lifelong favorite snack and Fuji apples are my go to apples.

2. Hummus and raw veggies. I usually go with cut up cucumbers, carrots, peppers and grape tomatoes. Sometimes instead of the hummus, I’ll have a few olives.

3. Cold soup. A new addition to the list but I buy both in single servings and big bottles. There is a gazpacho that has a little oil in it and I feel fueled enough to run 3.5 miles after a cup of it.

4. Apricot rolls and almonds. Have you seen these rolled fruit thingies? I get them in the bulk food section and these are made from apricots, apples and a bit of coconut. A few of these and about 12 almonds is perfect.

5. Yogurt. I love yogurt even though it does not love me back. I finally found an organic lactose free one that I love though and now can eat it without getting sick…hooray!

What are your go to snacks?

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Current Inspiration

Umbrellas in Italy

I’ve been obsessing over umbrellas recently. I’m not too picky about the kind, in the ground or the the carry around variety are both equally impressive. I prefer them without people though. It’s the patterns for sure, but they tend to be on beautiful beaches and the rain, both of which tickle my fancy. I enjoy them so much that I have an entire board devoted to them! What are you feeling inspired by this week?

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Manic Monday

The Manatee, Dinosaur and Pig In Between Days Necklaces back in limited edition!
The Manatee, Dinosaur and Pig In Between Days Necklaces are back in limited edition!

There’s a lot of news from Manic Trout land this week, so I figured I should round it all up and share it with you here so you’re in the know.

1. I recently came across a large box of jewelry that was filled with extinct designs. As this happened right about the time I usually hold the annual summer sale, and they were already all packaged and ready to go, I decided to make a few mega deals along with dropping the sale prices. While quantities last (and I already sold out of many of the tiny charms) the Do You Know Me Necklaces are 2 for $20, the Young and Beautiful Earring are 3 for $20 Sweetest Thing Earrings are 5 for $20. There are many more deals to be had, so scoot on over to see what magic deals exist.


2. I designed 4 exclusive necklaces at the request of the awesome peeps at Fab! You are now able to purchase these at Fab.com in their year round store along with 2 other Manic Trout regulars. The peacock is my favorite!

3. Tomorrow at 11am eastern, an event I am doing at Joss & Main launches. The Resort 2015 Collection will be featured at special prices for one week.

Have a wonderful week!

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