About Her Daily Muse & Sierra Bailey

Hey there, my name is Sierra Bailey… welcome to Her Daily Muse! I am the designer behind the jewelry brand Manic Trout, the dog mother of two sassy Rat Terriers named Faye and Mora, the wife to ex pro snowboarder, Adam Fujawa and a resident of Austin, Texas.

In an ideal world, I would eat candy for every meal and be able to function on five hours of sleep a night so I could spend more time in my studio, but in reality that’s not possible. So I also spend time with Adam, family, friends, my dogs and attempt to do the things I love. This includes reading voraciously, trying new restaurants, cooking delicious food, working out to stay sane and venturing out into this wonderful city to do cool things.

I began this blog in 2006 to share my adventures and thoughts and to show my work as a designer. I have in the many years since, created a blog just for Manic Trout over on ManicTrout.com so this space has evolved into more of a lifestyle blog where I share my thoughts and adventures in life more than work. I however, enjoy sharing the trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur so you’ll find that as well.

Thank you for stopping by and I’d love to hear from you so please comment if you wish and for less public notes, you may reach me at sierra@manictrout.com!


  1. I love your blog as well as your designs. I was wondering if I could have your permission to use your firefly jar on my blog… I will give credit of course. Sincerely, Catherine Dougherty

    1. HI Catherine,

      Thank you! Sadly, it is not mine to give. You may use it as I did, but I do not have a credit. I found it on tumblr or we heart it.
      Best Wishes,

  2. Hello Sierra! I really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your creations. I do like the mermaid necklace design you have featured this month. Good luck with your jewelry…I too am following my passion to be creative in life.

    Best wishes,
    Nancy Geng Vassilakis

  3. I love your daily blog and wear your turquoise rhino all the time especially with animal. Prints which I adore. I may need your business cards cause when ever I am out people ask me about your necklace!

  4. Hi Sierra, I love your blog, too. Thank you for mentioning my first book, Life a la Mode. I wanted to let you know that I’ve finally put it up as an Amazon ebook (for $1.99).. I’ll work on getting Latte Lessons up next. Thanks for your nice words about it. What a great blog: jewelry and books. And creativity.
    Best, Linda

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