Current Obsession: Doorways

Door, East side Austin, TX

For the past couple of years, I have been obsessed with doorways. So much so that I began collecting them on Pinterest. I like to scroll through them and just gaze at their beauty. I never really think about what lies behind them or the people that go through them,, its all about the door and its frame. This is not an obsession exclusive to pinterest…when I spied the above door at a party a few years ago, I spent half the night standing by it, just to be close to its awesomeness. It’s a really good door.

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Dose of Inspiration

Vogue Italia, September 2014

I dread putting lights on the tree. It’s my least favorite part, but it’s such a great feeling when it’s done, isn’t it? In my procrastination of doing this task, I found this beautiful image from Vogue Italia, September 2014. Fitting, no?

You can see more beautiful and inspirational editorials on my pinterest page, here.

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Current Inspiration


I often find that in gathering images that inspire me, the obvious theme is not apparent right away. This happened with a collection of images that are hauntingly beautiful that I came to call “Submerged“. They are as you may imagine, photographs of bodies submerged underwater. All are of women, sometimes in gowns, sometimes with their heads not visible and above the water line and range from standing to floating to diving. I love everyone of them and would pet them on the head each night before I went to bed if it were possible.

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Current Inspiration

Umbrellas in Italy

I’ve been obsessing over umbrellas recently. I’m not too picky about the kind, in the ground or the the carry around variety are both equally impressive. I prefer them without people though. It’s the patterns for sure, but they tend to be on beautiful beaches and the rain, both of which tickle my fancy. I enjoy them so much that I have an entire board devoted to them! What are you feeling inspired by this week?

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Current Inspiration


I’ll have to admit that the only thing that my current favorite inspiration images are inspiring me to do, is enjoy everyone’s favorite summer treat…ice cream. Although the beauty of mu current obsession is that it is not restricted to the dairy delight, but to all frozen treats, including this fantastic idea of making watermelon pops! Looking to expand your frozen intake this summer, check out my Frozen Bliss pinterest board and see what inspires you!

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Current Inspiration Obsession


One of my favorite things about Pinterest is that it encourages you to obsess over specific types of images to your hearts content. I have gathered hundreds of images of life’s minutiae such as doors, icebergs, water and skirts. All in the name of inspiration. You never know from what your next great idea will come. My current favorite board is all about Docks. Well, docks, boardwalks, diving boards, piers and rafts to be exact. I’m only up to 43 images so far, but I’m pretty sure that by next week…it will double.

What are you currently obsessed with?

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Pool Noodles

pool noodle art

I’m a big fan of pool noodles. They allow lots of lounging in water without exerting yourself. I however have not before seen pool noodle art!

“Hundreds of pool noodles invaded an abandoned alley in Quebec City, Canada as part of Delirious Frites, an architectural art installation created by Les Astronautes.”

I’ve always loved a good installation. This one is for sure on my list of ones I want to experience in person! What was the last great installation you saw?

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Because it’s pretty

"La Canzone Del Mare" by Boo George for Vogue Japan October 2014 - Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda Fall 2014
“La Canzone Del Mare” by Boo George for Vogue Japan October 2014

I hit the ground running this morning. What I thought was going to be an over whelming day reached a new plateau of overwhelming lightning fast. So today, I am just going to show you something pretty. I noticed yesterday that I have “liked” this image on pinterest no less than 6 times. Sometimes we just need to take a few moments to gaze at something pretty, for no other reason than that. Ok…back to full speed ahead!

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Dose of Inspiration: Black & White Bubbles


I am so happy to not leave the studio at all today. I think over the last week that I have been out running errands, doing shows and driving all over Austin more then I did all of the month of March combined. As much as I got done, I feel like nothing got done, you know that feeling? Its icky. I had a lot to catch up on with orders and the usual ins and outs of running a business today, but tonight…tonight I need to design the April Necklace for the OOAK Statement Necklace project (which I totally did not do in March…oops). Yeah, so it has to be good. I was feeling it with these bubble/ball/orb images…although Feb was this color scheme, so I would prefer color…stay tuned later this week to see the results!

images via

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