Stressing me out: Waiting to hear back regarding holiday gift guide confirmations.

Making me cry: Migraines. Two this month. Stupid allergies.

Addicted to: Coffee…as Renee pointed out, I have been drinking 48oz a day…that can’t be good. I again, blame allergies.

Making me laugh: Faye as been a cute little goofball lately. As much as I detest the thick carpeting in much of the house, she has been thriving with it. Galloping all over the place and flinging her self onto it froggie style.

Reading: Great Jones Street by Don Delillo

Frustrated with: The temps still being in the high nineties when all this talk of fall fashion is about.

Resisting: The urge to lie down right now, despite all the coffee, allergies make me so tired.

Missing: Fall in the northeast.

Loving: That it has cooled down a tiny bit and the nights are exquisite temperature wise. Warm with a slight breeze thats just delicious.

Wanting: ¬†Every show to be available dor streaming n Netflix. I don’t think thats really too much to ask for…


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