Happy Mothers Day!!

When I was little, I had really curly hair…obvs as I do now.  Well, I get this hair from my dad (who totally had a white guy afro in the 7o’s!) and my mom had no idea what she was dealing with so my curls remained hidden for the duration of my childhood.   She would either put it in a tight pony tail after my shower to try and smooth it or blow dry it.  When it was dry, she would brush it out, resulting in a very fluffy look.  I was away from home one day when I was in the 7th grade and let my hair air dry after my shower and all of sudden…there were ringlet curls all over my head!  As you can image, I never let my mom near my head again after that day!

Since none of my younger sisters had the same hair type, I think mom missed the fluffy results and insta-volume she achieved from a simple brushing.  This is the only explanation I have for her obsession since I grew my hair long again to try and brush it out.  Perhaps it has a great deal to do with my having had short hair for years which was most of the time dyed red or blond and once a bad choice of black.  Now that its back its natural color and length from childhood, its like she gets to go back in time 30 years.  Or she really does think it looks good all fluffy…and look at how much she enjoys doing it!!! I never will understand the joy she gets from this…I want to hide my head under a hat after its all done.

Either way, my mom will be at my house this week visiting and as its been a few years since I last let her do it…I just might let her brush it out again.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you!!


p.s.  the pout in the photo was a result of my being smacked on the top of the head with the brush and told to stop whining.  Ahem…that was 2 years ago…I was 33…I think it makes us both revert 😉

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