Manic Trout is bursting with Jewelry!

Brodie Dirty Secrets Necklace

Brynn Summertime Rolls Necklace

I have done a great deal of updating to the Manic Trout site. There are some new aspects to check out, such as Info and News, but the bulk of the updating occurs in the Jewelry section…so much new stuff that you’ll just have to go and see for yourself!

New items such as the necklaces all previously posted in this blog and many others as well…

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New Necklace Design

I designed this new necklace earlier this week and am love with it! I was looking for something light and big enough to fill in the negative space above a tank top or over a t-shirt and that was colorful, simple and unique.

I have the turquoise one out twice and have had women and men asking me where I got it every place I went…I had to order more business cards I have given out so many over this piece!

The new “Bubblehouse Necklace” should be available on Manic Trout shortly. I am trying to choose colors right now…any suggestions, please let me know!

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My First Paint Out Was Today!

Today I tried something new, I participated in a Paint Out in my town. It was juried and I was accepted on the basis of my sea scapes and abstract work, but honestly it was my first stab at oil plein air painting.

It was pouring out so I had to re think where I would paint so I would have a little shelter…but I was happy with the outcome. My work was very different then the majority of the 49 other painters as they were almost all Hudson River School style painters.

Much to my delight “The Idea of Perfection” was purchased by a gentleman whom I spoke to afterwards and he told me he loved the painting because it was so different from the rest and had such a bold use of color…which thrilled me!

Perhaps I will return for the Fall version and try my hand at the foliage!

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Summer Fever is Affecting My Designs!

Flower Derby Necklace

Abaco Shell Necklace

I have been longing for the beach and all that summer entails recently and it has come across in all that I do.

This is a sneak preview of what is coming out of my designs recently…Flowers, Shells, and the colors of the Ocean!

I may only make the Flower Derby Necklace upon request as its not for everyone, but these are real flowers preserved forever in resin and are so pretty that I piled them on. I feel like a derby winner (the horse!) when I put it on.

The Abaco Shell Necklace is very dear to me as I have been collecting the perfect shells in the Abaco’s in the Bahamas for a few years and was saving them for the perfect necklace. I have other bits and pieces to add to the clusters, so expect charms, coral, swarovski crystals, and smaller shells to all appear…to name just a few.

Input is appreciated, as I am just starting the Abaco series!

As always, check out what’s new at Manic Trout, look for the New Item! logo in the Jewelry section and see whats new at my Etsy Store.

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Two new necklace designs!

Summer Break Necklace

Paris In The Springtime Necklace

There is always something new in the works. These are my two current favorite lines, they both come in a variety of colors and materials. They are available at both my Etsy Store and at Manic Trout in the Necklaces section.

Both necklaces are big and bright and very pretty. They are especially lovely with my favorite 50’s style floral skirts, pointy flats and scoop neck t-shirts, although I’m partial to that outfit in the warmer months…I’m sure you will find many other outfits that look just beautiful with these necklaces. Please check them out!

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Watercolor Paintings On-location : The Bahamas

I painted these in the Bahamas, specifically Harbour Island in the Abacos Cay. They are all watercolor and small, as I was traveling, 5.5″ x 4.25″ on heavy stock paper.

I really enjoyed doing these paintings and it was an interesting process as I usually paint the ocean from photo’s or memory. I also usually am painting more of a scape of my thoughts and not necessarily the actual ocean, so this was delightful to be able to concentrate purely on the water and not on the musings of my mind.

To see all six paintings please visit here: Abaco Paintings

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New work on

Spring is finally here in the Northeast and so is the updated!

A revamped look has taken over the page and many new items are now available for sale.

Drawings and Prints have been added and the jewelry section has so many new items that you’ll just have to go there and check it out for your self.

So jump right on it and check out and see what all the fuss is about!

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Button Rings

I have been recently working with vintage buttons and creating custom wire wrapped rings. I love the size of these rings, but it has to be said that they are not for the faint hearted! I prefer ball shaped buttons and the effect of the globe shape of the button nestled in a delicate wire nest. I currently have three of the four rings available for sale in my Etsy store, and have been feverishly collecting more buttons, so stay tuned for more in the near future.

Please visit my Etsy store for more information:

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Works in progress

I have started posting and creating my summer and spring line of jewelry right now and am in the midst of a new painting series. The cold weather and my birthday brought about a bit of a halt though, mainly as I am wishing it were spring and that I were not a year older. My newest jewelry creations are on Etsy, please visit my store to check them out : The two most recent paintings, which are from my new series are drying on easels right now. I am about ready to update but was testing the waters on Etsy first. Any questions or comments are welcome here.

I have a few months before the show season starts for me, so I have some time to play around still. A huge jewelry supply order is going in soon, so I anticipate a creation frenzy coming shortly. The lengthing of the daylight hours usually gives me a much needed boost as well.

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