Saturday in the studio

TwinTreeHousesI have been enjoying a luxurious day in the studio with few interruptions…yay!!  This morning the first official Christmas order came in (I have been receiving orders to be gifts already, but this one specifically has a Christmas message attached so I’m declaring it the first) and I am so excited for the Holiday season!  I love the feeling as orders increase each day we get closer, knowing that on the morning of December 25th, that silver and pink boxes all around the world are being opened to sequels of delight…shhh, let me enjoy the fantasy!  The only down part of my day is that I have to spend it sewing.  I really do not enjoy sewing.  Yet I love jewelry that combines fabric with metals and glass, so there you go.  Today I sew.  The best part is that I have the screen door open and its so pretty out today…I love that I now live in a place where its 80 and sunny…in November!  So what are you up to today?

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