Spring has sprung and so have the kumquats!

Kumquat tree
My pretty little kumquats!

Its odd to celebrate spring in Austin when in reality, we have like 8 weeks of “cold” weather and those cold days alternate with pleasantness. By February, we are on our way to 70 degree days and by the time March 20th rolls around, its basically what the North East would call Summer here. At this time of year, I forget what time of year it is and continuously think its May, its all kind of confusing to my brain still. I therefore have to pay special attention to the earlier blossoming of trees and flowers than I’m used to and realized today that now my favorite time of year coincides with my birthday (tomorrow!).

While checking out what I thought was a Magnolia tree the other day, I noticed little citrus fruits had appeared and thought we perhaps had lemon trees all over our back yard. I however was corrected yesterday by my neighbor and was delighted to hear that they were kumquat trees! I actually love kumquats and am now obsessed with figuring out the correct time for harvest…I’m assuming it will be over the next 4 days while we’re in Florida.

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