Current Obsession: Doorways

Door, East side Austin, TX

For the past couple of years, I have been obsessed with doorways. So much so that I began collecting them on Pinterest. I like to scroll through them and just gaze at their beauty. I never really think about what lies behind them or the people that go through them,, its all about the door and its frame. This is not an obsession exclusive to pinterest…when I spied the above door at a party a few years ago, I spent half the night standing by it, just to be close to its awesomeness. It’s a really good door.

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A love affair with floor plans

carrie bradshaw apartment floor plan

When I was about 10, my childhood bff and I used to draw floor plans as a hobby and paint them with water colors. I had an entire binder of these plans and they included awesome details such as diving boards off of 2nd floor balconies into massive pools below. Years later when I was in Architecture school I was introduced to the reality of what a floor plan really involved and no longer thought they were so fun (cross sections of oak trees can suck it!). And then I saw the work of Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde . He creates intricate and beautiful drawings of the dwellings of tv show characters. From The Golden Girls to The Simpsons to Dexter, the blueprints span decades of tv shows and a few films and made the 10 year old girl still inside me squeal with delight that the blueprints of my dreams were being created for so many familiar places. You’ll find the oodles of drawings available as prints on Etsy in a few sizes to the delight of the sitcom fanatic and doodle lover in us all. Which is your favorite?

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Cloud City on the Rooftop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

It’s raining here at the moment, which is pretty awesome as it doesn’t happen that often and I love rainy days.  I’m also wearing a sweatshirt!! It’s still 84 out, but I sleep with the AC blasting at about 60, so on not super hot days it stays chilly in here all day.  The sweatshirt I just discovered may be actually a childs size….no wonder it fits.  Hoping to meet a girlfriend for lavender coffee (it’s Ah-mazing and I’m obsessed!!) later, although here in Texas, rainy days tend to be seen as snow days, so we’ll see.  If we go, I may have to have cupcakes or cookies or something too…it’s that kind of day.

image via

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Dose of Inspiration 8.27.12


I have gone back and forth about bringing the daily image posts back to the blog.  I stopped because I was trying to only post original content.  Then I brought them back after Pinterest locked my account and lost a board because my account had been “compromised” so I wanted to make sure my favorite images were safe somewhere.  Then I stopped because I forgot that I started them again.  That last one is pretty sad.  So I’ll give it another whirl as when I look for an old post and scroll through a month from say 2009, its those posts that I love the most.  To see what was inspiring me at that time and remember what I was working on.  If thats not a huge part of the life of a designer, than I don’t know what is! So they’re back.

ps…self hosted wordpress blogs (like this one) now can add instagram photos super easily to posts…yessssssssss!!

image via

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Recently in Instagram…

Three colors from the Bridal Line!
Another Bridal Line peek
Dinner out with friends...we were waiting for them and decided to have a photo shoot
We tried the Bone Marrow at dinner
Who says Fruit By The Foot is for kids? (or that Adam isn't a kid?)
One of my favorite Manic Trout Necklaces...The Little Secrets Necklace
I started creating Adams "Man Space" as he has moved in with me
To deal with insane population growth, Austin keeps building the roads up higher and higher
It's so easy to get cupcakes in this town that I had time to walk up to the Hey Cupcake trailor and score this beauty while Adam was at the bank

I realized this week that I am walking distance from both Hey Cupcake and Big Top Candy Shop.  Kinda scary as I ordered my wedding gown already and have to fit into that size.  No yummies unless I walk there!

(want to follow me on instagram?  I’m: @manictrout)

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Daily Muse: Happy Street


I have no idea what the name of the street really is, but it made me smile the second I looked at it, so I think Happy Street is perfect.  I have oodles to catch up on in teh studio today…this weekend was pretty much a wash as I spent Saturday lounging around with Adam and catching up with friends on the phone.  And Sunday. Well Sunday I went to my first NFL game.  It was pretty incredible, but more that later!

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