Style Diaries – August 2016

I have been continuing snapping mirror selfies of my outfits before I leave the house. It’s been inspiring me to put a bit more effort in and to notice a few things. First, that I like to repeat outfits and that’s ok. Second, if there is no reason to get dressed and leave the house/studio…I don’t do it. I managed to put some effort into how I look 10 times this month. That’s it…so sad! Luckily, I’m playing catch up and already know that my numbers got much better in September, even with being out of commission for a week post surgery. There’s hope for me yet!

Outfit from Aug 4th, 2016
August 4th, 2016

August 4th outfit: Dress – Milly; Shoes – BCBGeneration; Bag: Fendi; Jewelry: Manic Trout

Outfit from Aug 14th, 2016
Aug 14th, 2016

August 14th outfit: Dress – Nanette Lepore; Shoes – Charles David; Bag – Kayu; Jewelry – Manic Trout

Outfit from Aug 16th, 2016
Aug 16th, 2016

August 16th outfit: Dress – dear creatures; Shoes – Hinge; Jewelry – Manic Trout

Outfit from Aug 19th, 2016
Aug 19th, 2016

August 19th outfit: Dress – Joie; Shoes – Hinge; Jewelry – Manic Trout

Outfit from Aug 20th, 2016
Aug 20th, 2016

August 20th outfit: Dress – Ann Taylor; Shoes – Saks Fifth Avenue; Jewelry – Manic Trout

Outfit from Aug 21st, 2016
Aug 21st, 2016

August 21st outfit: Top – Trouve; Bralette – Pare; Skirt – Trouve; Shoes – Michael Kors; Bag – Balenciaga; Jewelry – Manic Trout

Outfit from Aug 22nd, 2016
Aug 22nd, 2016

August 22nd outfit: Dress – Leifsdottir; Shoes – Hinge; Bag – Louis Vuitton; Jewelry – Manic Trout

Outfit from Aug 25th, 2016
Aug 25th, 2016

August 25th outfit: Dress – Lululemon; Shoes – Vince Camuto; Bag – Kooba; Jewelry – Manic Trout

Outfit from Aug 26th, 2016
Aug 26th, 2016

August 26th outfit: Dress – Ann Taylor; Shoes – Hinge; Bag – Kooba; Jewelry – Manic Trout

Outfit from Aug 28th, 2016
August 28th, 2016

August 21st outfit: Top – Trouve; Bralette – Madame Aime; Jeans – AG; Shoes – Charles David; Jewelry – Manic Trout

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Style Diaries: July 2016

A few months ago, I decided to begin documenting what I wore. Nothing fancy, when I actually put some effort into getting dressed, I’d simply snap a few photos in the mirror and off I’d go. What I discovered were 2 things. 1. That even though I have been expanding my style and trying new things, I tend to wear the same outfits a lot. 2. There are not many times in a month that I put any effort into what I’m wearing. Some of it recently was due to moving and the chaos of all of that, but much of it is that I am in a bad rut of work at home-itis. I get up, pull on a pair of basically pj shorts that I have a stack of from GapBody, a t-shirt, my house shoes and throw my hair in a pony tail. I change into work out clothes in the afternoon, and then it’s back to loungewear. I’m kind of over it,  but at the same time, I’m in the studio all day and it’s not that I’m getting all dirty, but making jewelry can be kind of rough on clothes. I also don’t want to dry clean dresses that I wear around the house, so I need to think on this, but some effort needs to be made.

In an effort towards some style accountability, I gathered the photos I had for July. I am keeping in mind that I was moving and unpacking for the first two weeks as we closed on the 1st and then I was on an island for almost a week at the end of the month, so the opportunity to put on an “outfit” was diminished for the month. It’s still a pretty sad showing. I only put on real clothes 8 times. Eight! August is off to a worse start and I was only away for 3 days of it. I’m hoping that writing this will act as an awakening of sorts, as I of course sit here writing this in lounge wear. But at the very least I need to go back to scheduling things out of the house, it forces me to get dressed at least a few times a week that way.

I also want to note that I do not suggest that I should get dressed because I have to, or I should or any other social pressure. I say this because I love to get dressed up. Obviously as I am in fashion, I enjoy participating in the ritual of choosing and wearing outfits. I miss feeling pulled together and stylish and want to go back to how I typically spend my time. I also read so often that if you work at home, you can try and stay somewhat dressed for work so it helps you separate work life from home life easier. I like that idea a great deal as well and now I’m feeling pretty motivated to do so, let’s see how I do!

July 13th – Date Night


July 18th – Errands and Lunch Date


July 21st – Academy of Handmade Austin Chapter Event


July 22nd – Lunch with Kelly W


July 22nd – Ashley & Trent Birthday Party


July 23rd – Errands


July 25th – Coffee with Kelly C in the morning and AbFab with Cyndie in the evening


July 29th – Dinner with Adam & Gretchen


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Obsession: Neutral Shoes

Neutral Shoes

This year I have been evolving my style. If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I began wearing pants again (!!)  and that heels have become a normal part of my wardrobe, especially the three pairs above. Perhaps it was boredom, or that I’m approaching my 40’s, or that I’m fitter than I have been on a long time or that I finally acclimated to Texas temperatures and have either stopped sweating so much, or am used to it. Whatever the reason, I have been open to trying all sorts of new looks and LOVING every minute of it.

By far, my biggest obsession has been neutral colored heels. For the past few years, I have been wearing mostly ballet flats in bright hues. I kept peeking at nude/neutral shoes but the color was always too pink or putty like. Then I found the pair of nude (ish) pumps on the left and I was instantly smitten. So when I next came across the platform in a light brown, I figured that as the pumps have done me so well and were such a similar color that these would too. I have been constantly wearing them, I’m so in love! The third pair were purchased for a wedding in the Hamptons at a home, where I know I would be standing in grass and would therefore be the happiest in a wedge. I would be wearing a bright and busy patterned dress, so I wanted close to flesh as well. Recalling how evening dew in NY can destroy shoes, I didn’t want to spend too much in case the shoes didn’t fare well. It took months to find the right shoes, but the second I saw these, I knew they were perfect. Fortunately they survived the night, because these shoes fast became my go to shoe!

After a summer of such love for shoes that I normally would shy away from becoming my absolute favorite, I already have been excited (and maybe pre hoarding) for fall. I approached the situation the exact opposite of how I normally would…I tried on all of the styles I normally avoid. I can’t to see what I end up wearing!

Shoes (left to right): BCBG Generation; Hinge; Charles David

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White Jeans


I recently inquired on IG why I seemed to be all of a sudden have a style crisis and immediately upon posting, realized that I had done this many times before. Not the asking part, but the completely changing my style part. A vivid memory of a prep school friend of mine telling me about a decade ago that every time he ran into me since I was 16, he has had to a double take as I have looked like an entirely different person from my hair down to my toes. After I remembered that, I went with the flow and embraced this new version of me who apparently really wants to wear white jeans.


This winter, I was shopping with Gretchen (my MIL) and found a pair of jeans that fit so well it made me want to wear pants again. On my birthday (I typically shop for clothes twice a year, before Christmas and after my birthday in March, after which have no desire to buy a stitch of clothing for months) I wandered into a store and saw the same brand of jeans in white and dropped everything to put them on. The perks of wearing skirts is that I did just that right in the middle of the store. They fit perfectly and I was happy. Then I realized I needed something to wear on top and had a vision of brightly colored, flow-y silk tops. So far I found two silk blouses which are perfect and I love them, yay. I however seem to want to wear white jeans often so I need more. But I have realized that due to my tiny upper body and really high waist, that I have issues finding shirts like this which are properly proportioned and fit well. So for now I’m happy that I found two that I love so much and deal with it.


In addition to flow-y tops, the white jeans have also inspired me to wear heels during the day, something that I very rarely want to do. And now I’m all, lets buy chartreuse cha cha ankle strap stilettos and wear them every day!!! I’m a bit nervous to find out what they will want me to wear next…but I’ll admit that I have been wearing those nude heels everywhere and with all different outfits and adore them, so win for the white jeans on that one!


Speaking of what I’ve been wearing, I wanted to do more of a “what I have been wearing this month” type post but realized today that these were the only full outfit shots that I have taken all month. This is both sad and inspiring. I hope that by the end of next month, I get it together and snap a few more.

What I’m wearing: Jeans – AG (The Legging Ankle); Blue top – Vince; Floral Top – Megan Park; Green Shoes – Joie; Nude Shoes – BCBG; Black Bag – Kayu; Jewelry – Manic Trout 

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Inspiration: Vogue Russia, April 2016


I swear, every time I see a photo taken by Ellen von Unwerth, I immediately want to make things. She inspires me so. I spied her recent layout in Vogue Russia, April 2016 and was instantly smitten.











Photography: Ellen von Unwerth
Styled by: Ekaterina Mukhina
Hair: Alexandry Costa
Makeup: William Bartel
Model: Hollie May Saker

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Summer Style

Toms, Vans and Frye Carson Ballet Flats are my go to summer shoes.
Toms, Vans and Frye Carson Ballet Flats are my go to summer shoes.

Being a person who only wears skirts and dresses, you can imagine how happy getting dressed in the warmer months makes me. It’s as simple as pulling a dress over my head or putting on a white t and a skirt. Slip on a pair of flats and whatever Manic Trout jewelry I’m currently obsessed with and I’m done! Let’s pretend I’m a fashion blogger and I’ll show you what I’ve been wearing the past month…

At Lenoir in a polka dor strapless dress.
At Lenoir in a polka dot strapless dress.
At Second Bar + Kitchen in a seersucker strapless dress.
At Second Bar + Kitchen in a seersucker strapless dress.
A forever favorite, this pink skirt has fruit embroidered around the bottom!
A forever favorite, this pink skirt has fruit embroidered around the bottom!
In a white t and skirt on my way to a birthday party.
In a white t and skirt on my way to a birthday party.
This sunshine yellow skirt always make me smile.
This sunshine yellow skirt always make me smile…and it twirls!
A sailboat print dress was perfect for vintage shopping.
A sailboat print dress was perfect for vintage shopping.
Navy striped dress and pink cardigan, perfect for date night of dinner and a movie.
Navy striped dress and pink cardigan, perfect for date night of dinner and a movie.
All dressed up for the opening of Shake Shack in Austin.
All dressed up for the opening of Shake Shack in Austin.


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Deep Thoughts From The Past Week


1. Feedback from people that get you and what you do is invaluable. I have had two interactions this week, one with a wholesale customer and one with a magazine editor who both inspired me to make two such obvious, right in front of my face design ideas come to life that I was shocked I hadn’t thought of them before. Sometimes you need that last little push that you get in talking with people who love what you do but are not close to the work.

2. When you are chomping at the bit for opportunities, emails and exciting things…nothing happens. But look forward to a quiet morning and watch out, all hell will break loose!

3. The Austin clothing label, Emily Hallman is closing its doors this month. While the exact reason has not yet been revealed, in a blog post this morning, Emily mentioned that she has had an overwhelming response to this announcement and then adds something to the effect of: where have you all been? There is a very important lesson to be learned here. Brands cannot exist on dreams alone. Money must be made to survive. The word needs to constantly spread to both reach new customers and keep the love alive among the current ones. If you are a fan of a small label, be it fashion, illustration, food…whatever…please keep this in mind when you are on social media. You don’t have to spend money to show support and help make the brand succeed. Simply “liking” their posts can really go a long way!

4. I am currently failing at email. My inbox is winning and yet, I don’t really care.

5. Chia Pudding. I am part intrigued, part annoyed at the hype around yet another “super food” (I get the same way about best selling books, I eventually give into it). Does anyone have a recipe they recommend?

6. This week I finished binge watching X Files, watched a few episodes of the new Orange Is The New Black, cried my way through season 1 of Chasing Life and started season 4 of Scandal. I will sum up my thoughts here with one sentence for each: Once Moulder left, I was over the X files. I really don’t give a crap about Alex and Piper and their relationship and wish less time was spent on it. Sob, sniffle, laugh, sob, ugly cry, smile though the tears. Why are we supposed to care so much about Olivia Pope and her affair with the president, does it interest anyone at this point???

7. If there is one square inch of mud in the back yard, Mora will find it and get it all over herself.

8. Mid July is oddly a very popular time for people I know in NYC to plan trips to visit Austin. I’m afraid to tell them the truth about the weather here then. Hint: it’s hot.

9. I am a much happier person when I work out everyday…even if it’s for 10 minutes.

10. The Entourage movie is great. Not really a deep thought, I just thought you should know that.

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I blame it all on Cedar Fever

Rihanna, Grammys 2015, Giambattista Valli
My fav look from the Grammys last night…mainly for the amount of drama in the movement and because: tulle.

Everyone told me that it would take 3 years of living in Austin before the symptoms of Cedar Fever (our worst allergy season) fully kicked in and kicked my butt. I laughed with everyone when they said this but secretly feared when that day would come. Well that day came. Or it could just be a particularly brutal year of it. Either way, I have been blaming everything from eating too much candy (it’s gotten out of control again) to why I have not blogged in so long on Cedar Fever. It just feels appropriate.

I plan on powering through the allergy fog though and while I try and keep my eyes open and avoid the temptation of a mid day nap let me give you a quick update on things besides my seasonal allergies. I am still in the midst of an insane rebranding. At one point it felt like I was personally being rebranded to the point where I had no idea what was going on (this was the real reason for my absence here…how can one blog when one does not know who they are??). January was pretty much a nightmare as often happens when the nitty gritty aspects of a project, you know, the stuff you keep avoiding, got hashed out. The dust seems to be finally settling though and both the SS15 and FW15 Collections have been designed in the direction of the new brand, so we’re officially through the worst of it I hope. I’m both excited and terrified about most of all this still, but that is for another post. I  have a lot of thoughts (oh so many thoughts!!) on how to share the what and whys of all of this, but I’m not ready to tackle that story yet.

In the meantime, I wanted to try and get back to it over here at Her Daily Muse. Honestly, I have been having issues on what this place should be. It began as the blog for Manic Trout and slowly evolved into its own entity, but somehow giving Manic Trout it’s own blog late last year made me unable to post anything here anymore. But I have things to say and share and everyday I miss writing here…so here I am. Trying.

Besides what’s been going on with Manic Trout, I want to catch you up on what I’ve been reading, how its been going eating Paleo for a year and what I’ve been up to with Adam being gone for most of the past 5 months for work. Oh and we’re getting another dog this week! So let promise to meet here again tomorrow, shall we? In the mean time, what’s new with you?


photo via @giambattistavallipr

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Because it’s pretty

"La Canzone Del Mare" by Boo George for Vogue Japan October 2014 - Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda Fall 2014
“La Canzone Del Mare” by Boo George for Vogue Japan October 2014

I hit the ground running this morning. What I thought was going to be an over whelming day reached a new plateau of overwhelming lightning fast. So today, I am just going to show you something pretty. I noticed yesterday that I have “liked” this image on pinterest no less than 6 times. Sometimes we just need to take a few moments to gaze at something pretty, for no other reason than that. Ok…back to full speed ahead!

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