Two Dogs Vs One


So many wonderful things have come out of adopting a second dog last winter. It’s interesting to look back after almost a year and see what changed, what did not and what the good and bad from it is. A great deal of what did change was due to having a senior dog and bring a 4 year old into our home, who for their breed is pretty much newly out of puppy phase. So much more energy! The biggest change has been oddly in Faye regarding her schedule. She used to sleep when I slept and would stay buried under the covers until I woke up, no matter the duration of sleep or the time. A few months ago, she began waking up between 5 and 7am and demanding to be fed and let out. Then Mora would wake up and the two would jump on our heads until one of us woke up. The only way to stop this seems to be kennel them or ignore them (we tried everything else). We really don’t want to kennel them and ignoring only made it impossible for us to sleep, so we take turns getting up to feed them and let them out and then return to bed. Both dogs fall immediately asleep after this. However, Mora is a morning dog, so at about 8 she wakes up again and rolls around on the floor or sits in the sliding glass door window gazing out at birds. I have taught her to knock on the door when she’s ready to go out, so I’ll get up to open the door when that happens. Then last month, Faye started wanting to get up again as well, for water usually. But she cannot get up on the bed by herself any more, so we have to help her after she wanders off to get water. Basically neither of us have had a good nights sleep in about 6 months. It’s the only complaint we have though, so I’ll take it. I put together lists of the top 5 pros and cons of 2 dogs vs 1, because I love lists. Before I leave you for the lists, I need to mention that 1st and foremost, Mora is wonderful and her personality is awesome. Everyday Adam and I talk about how lucky we are to be her parents.


Top 5 Pros:
1. When they interact cutely with each other, it makes both Adam and I gush like no other. If there’s a dog cuddle puddle, we almost cry out of joy.
2. There is now an equal human to dog ratio in the house, although we often end up with two dogs lying with one human.
3. Even though Faye acts like a put out older sister much of the time, when they are home alone, I know that they have each other.
4. There is much more “fun with dogs now happening”, like double dog selfies!
5. They keep each other active and run around the yard together.

Top 5 Cons:
1. Adam and I have both travelled a lot in the past year, but never together. I still have too much guilt to leave Mora. Kenneling two dogs is expensive and it’s hard to find a sitter for both.
2. Dirt and mud x2. If they both need emergency baths at the same time, it’s really challenging.
3. Having one dog for 13 years means there is much jealousy, which means sometimes fighting.
4. They pick up each others bad habits.
5. Having people come to the door can be stressful…we’re working on that.

The list of cons is pretty basic. The pros out weight them greatly. I will admit that I draw the line at two though. Perhaps if they were not terriers (a nice way of saying that their assholes) or all older it would be ok, but only two rat terriers at a time for me!

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Life of dogs: the rain will not kill you


Rainy days when you have dogs basically consist of this cycle all day long:
1. Realize dogs have not gone out in hours, drag dogs out from under blankets.
2. Take 20 minutes to convince dogs that they will not die if they go outside (sometimes this requires picking up dogs and placing them on the grass).
3. Once outside, try and convince dogs that the faster they pee, the faster they can go back inside under the covers.
4. Dry dogs off with large fluffy towel in a manner that seems like a game so they will not a. squirm or b. play dead.
5. Immediately after dogs are dry, open door to let them out as it stopped raining for 2 minutes and they are whining to go out and play.
6. Watch dogs roll in the mud with a smile as they are so happy.
7. Quickly realize that this now means both dogs need a bath.
8. As it starts to rain again, both dogs dart for the door covered in mud. Try to prevent dogs from getting on any furniture while wrestling both to the bathroom.
9. Give dogs bath (and then clean tub and self).
10. Repeat.
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My thumb is getting greener

Hibiscus Tree

Last year we decided to plant a garden. In all the excitement of buying plants, the decision to include potted greenery as well seemed like a really good idea. I made sure Adam understood that he was to be the main caregiver to the plants as I had already proved my black thumb with the tree that I thought was fake when I bought it (which has since died btw). All together in pots, there were: 12 succulents, a tomato plant, mint, a large palm, a tangerine tree, two large indoor plants and a hibiscus tree that for some reason Adam wanted to “rescue” from the dying plant area. I think he was flexing his green thumb muscles for me. By the end of the summer, the tomato had produced tomatoes and then died, the mint dried out in the heat and the two indoor plants were brought outside by Adam and fried. I would like to take this moment to point out that not all thumbs are green all of the time.

Tangerine Tree
The two trees, the palm and all 12 succulents were all going strong though. Then Adam started a 6 month period where he was traveling for work and was gone at least month at a time. We both dreaded the potential outcome. I tried to convince him that the plants are the cheap part, that since we bought all of the large pots that we could just buy new plants in the spring and it would be fine! t seemed that he was very attached to THESE plants, so I took my job as caregiver very seriously. I moved all of the plants inside before there was danger of a frost and tried to get them in as much sunlight as possible…which was near impossible due to the layout of our house. I even permanently stained the dining room table trying to keep the succulents alive. Sadly 8 did not make it through the winter mainly due to little fruit fly like insect in them, but the 4 that did are doing great. The palm almost made it, but the only light was in front of a sliding glass door, and I think it got too cold. We have not given up on it yet though, the dead plant is still on the porch waiting to revive itself (I have nothing to do with that thought). The real focus of my attention was on the two trees though. Adam would constantly ask about the well being of the them and I felt like if they died it would crush him. So I researched and did everything right. I let them go dormant and as a result most of their leaves fell of (which was normal). I did however prepare both of us for the sad fact that sometimes trees never flower again after a dormant winter. When Adam returned home he absolutely doubted my care giver skills…but as you can see, miracles do happen!!

I will distract you with cute dogs but still share the dead palm on the left.
I will distract you with cute dogs but still share the dead palm on the left.

The hibiscus is the most amazing plant I have ever seen. The poor thing has fallen over a few times and during the tornado the other day actually landed upside down and I though broke in two. It however is still is going strong and blooming everyday. The tangerine tree had one little tangerine hanging from it that grew slowly over the winter. We finally picked it the other day, hoping that the nutrients that were feeding it would help the rest of tree and overnight the entire thing budded. It is now filled with the most intoxicating smelling flowers, and a bit late in the season, so I think that theory was valid. We also repotted it to a larger pot when it came back outside. The biggest factor in these two trees thriving though is that we have had flash flood causing thunderstorms everyday for a month. I’m pretty sure these trees have been loving the weather, even if we’re not. We decided to forgo the veggie garden this year as so much was going on during the planting season, but as we already have all the pots from the plants that didn’t make it, I plan on filling them up in the next few weeks. Hopefully everything will at least make it to the fall!



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How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout today 13-18

One of my favorite things to do is put jewelry on Faye…she however, hates it. We have fallen into a rhythm of one dress up session a month, which makes me happy and keeps Faye’s resting bitch face in photos to a minimum. Mora may be better suited for this job, but as Faye is still having some issues of not being the sole apple of my eye, we’ll wait on that. Until then, we can enjoy watching Faye show us all what bitchy royalty she is…by being merely tolerant of what is going on.

Here is the round up of the last six months of How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout today!

How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today, October 2014
Master of the Zombie Apocalypse in the endangered Lost in Space Necklace.

October, 2014: It was Halloween and had to be done. That zombie made noise when you walked by it…but you’ll notice Faye is cool as a cucumber. Future survivor of the zombie apocalypse, for sure!

How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today, November 2014
Shivering away in the Peigi Insects Are All Around Us Necklace.

November 2014: She is trying so hard to pretend that she’s warm while sitting still in the open doorway that I insisted she sit in for better light. I tried to explain that it’s a common modeling hazard to have to endure freezing temps in bikinis for the great shot…I’m not sure she believed me.

How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today, December 2014
Matching with mom in Come Fly With Me Necklaces.

December 2014: It should be noted that a) it was much harder than I thought to do this shot by myself and b) if I had kids we would totally wear matching outfits.

How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today, January 2015
Celebrating National Dress Up Your Pet Day in the Rabbit Heart Necklace!

January 2015: We used the drapes in the bedroom as a backdrop…the pattern on these is one of my all time favorites and so pretty against her coloring!

How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today, February 2015
Soaking up the sun in the Tilde Cherry Bomb Necklace!

February 2015: We’re a bit out of practice and most of our shoot was spent with my trying to stop Faye from getting out of the necklace, but we were enjoying the sunshine anyway!

How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today, March  2015
Lounging like royalty in the Melia Tropical Oceans Necklace.

March 2015: We shot in a few locations for this one as it was midday and the sun was too harsh. No matter where we were though, Faye kept turning towards Mora and giving her a look that said “see, I’m better than you”. Full on DIVA.

To see the rest of this series:
How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today 9-12
How Faye is Wearing Manic Trout Today 1-8

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Happy Birthday Faye!

Happy Birthday Faye!

It’s Faye’s birthday today! It’s been a tough few weeks for her with having to adjust to having a little sister. She has behaved much better than I though she would though, considering she was my only furbaby and the sole apple of my eye for more than decade. I have had Faye by my side for most of the major events in my adult life…starting Manic Trout, divorce, many, many moves including from NY to TX, my second wedding and everything in between. I was having baby pangs the day I brought her home and after about 10 minutes, I never had one again. She was everything I needed. When I met Adam in Austin, I told him he had to come to NY and meet Faye and if she didn’t like him, we were done…and I wasn’t kidding. I love you more than anything little Faye, Happy Birthday!


Faye and Mora celebrating in style!
Faye and Mora celebrating in style!
Every birthday needs party hats!
Every birthday needs party hats!
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How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today 9-12

Faye and I have been easing into fall, and although with the season change our shoots may have become less frequent, what they lack for in quantity, they make up for in quality. We’re still working on her actually enjoying the process but as you’ll see in the most recent (the last photo) shoot, Faye has reached pro status. If you are new to this series, you you quickly catch up and view 1-8.

How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today 09
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today: ready for anything (and wondering why on earth we are just standing at the front door instead of going for a walk!) in the Camp Orange Necklace.
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today 09
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today: Looking lovely in the Sunday Morning Necklace as she enjoys a leisurely afternoon of tree climbing.
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today 11
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today: a little table dancing diva in the Otha Fish Necklace.
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today 12
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today: looking smashing while getting into the fall spirit on the Deep Sea Diver Necklace.

p.s. #dogsinjewelry needs more photos on instagram!

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Deep thoughts had while on allergy medicine

Faye in her early days
Faye in her early days

1. While looking through old photos of Faye in her early years, I was shocked by how less different she looks now that she’s lost weight.

2. Speaking of weight, I have no joke lost a few lbs since the great almond butter recall of 2014 happened.

3. I’m reading what I have so far thought of as the Judea version of Clan of The Cave Bear. Remember that book? I usually will think about whatever book I’m reading during the days, but this one is making me pull back up memories of COTCB too. Strong willed women for the win!

4. There are only 5 emails in my inbox right now. High five!!

5. Our temps here in Austin dipped from 100 to 61 the other day. I found myself in sheepskin slippers and a sweater…in 61 degree temps. Its amusing how we acclimate.

6. I finally figured out how to use the light meter properly on my big camera last week. It was both life changing and proof on a small scale that the payoff is worth it if you keep trying.

7. Pumpkin spice lattes = yuck. Pumpkin spice candy corn = yum. Enough sugar can make anything delicious.

8. The only people who don’t question my choice to not have children are the ones with tiny babies.

9. I though people were exaggerating when they spoke of the allergies in Austin, that there was never a break and each season they just seemed to get worse. And then I moved here. My face hurts there is so much sinus pressure going on right now.

10. Perhaps we in Austin think weirder is better as we are on allergy medication all the time?

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I can tell you, but then I’d have to kill you


How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today
One of the things that I can share with you are photos of my dog in Manic Trout jewelry. Standing in a tree.

I joke around with friends of mine who have related businesses that kids these days have it so easy to start a handmade business. There are shelves of books, hundreds of blogs, dozens of groups and even droves of websites on which to sell that are all dedicated to specifically guide you as a maker of handmade goods, to start your business. It is, at the heart of it, still a business though, and it is not all sunshine and roses to build one. Just ask the spouse of an entrepreneur what thats like. So you have all of this info out there to get going, and if you work really hard, you find your little niche in the world and settle in. Well, not really. The reality is that you need to then reach the next level and then the level after that and the level after that, and so on. By this point, everyone is at different levels in business, so its tough to find books geared towards you besides those about very specific topics, which can be horribly addictive by the way, especially if you have an interest in marketing. Free advice is also uncommon as you progress. There is information available, but you’ll have to pay for it, be it by taking a class, paying for a membership to a site or hiring a consultant. If you’ve made it the mid level, you’re making money and nothing is free. This past year I joked that I reached a point that anytime I needed to do anything, I had to pay $1000. But seriously, the more that comes in, the more that goes out.

When you’re on the inside, it feels alarming lonely at this point as there was so much information and sharing going on and then bam, no one talks about anything anymore. Sadly, I have found that I have joined the silence and now understand why it happens. I began this blog in 2006 and would share all sorts of things that were going on with Manic Trout and it was all very exciting. Fast forward to 2014 and the three very exciting and big things I have going on right now all have confidentiality agreements. I’m legally forbidden to discuss anything about them. This can be seen a lot with the big bloggers when they start getting super vague or post a great deal of random things for a few months and then are all “OMG, here is the huge thing I was just working on!!”. Usually they have been working on a book or something for a magazine, or designing something for target (none of these are happening to me fyi) or something and they are not allowed to share any info until its a done deal. Sometimes though, its not even that exciting with a big announcement at the end. Sometimes its just internal excitement that no one but you would really think is all that exciting anyway, but something that has thousands of dollars invested in it and endless hours of time but is unfortunately a really big deal to only you.

Anyway, the point of all of this is that if you are wondering why I no longer post a lot of the behind the scenes, its because I either am legally not allowed to, or its boring (i.e. a lot of market analysis and spreadsheets). This is the main reason that I made the separation between this blog and Manic Trout this year, I however still want to share what I can, like this post, so you can peek into the life of a designer. If there’s ever anything you are curious about or wish I wold go back to showing on the blog, please let me know!


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How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today, 1-8

A few months ago I was looking for a way to procrastinate in the studio and thought it would be hilarious to photo a necklace on Faye. Little did I know how well she would like appear to like wearing it! A series was indeed born and every Friday we find a new necklace to wear and a new place to pose. She hates it a little less each week but the poses are basically how she freezes in place until I remove the jewelry. Luckily it just makes her appear more stoic. I usually end up posting them in a few places, but they always go to instagram first, #manictroutfaye because of course there’s a hashtag!

Faye in Manic Trout
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today: as she has a penchant for zebra stripes, it was no surprise that she’d feel regal in the Strange Overtones Necklace. Even for just a nap on her lounge, she is rocking that necklace!
Faye in Manic Trout
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today: Green World Necklace perfect for lounging on her studio sheepskin in.
Faye in Manic Trout
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today: looking fabulous in the Rock Lobster Necklace while catching some rays.
Faye in Manic Trout
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today: Feels Like Rain Necklace which is perfect for bring cooped up in the studio due to rain today. Faye does not do water, but she does do fish jewelry!
Faye in Manic Trout
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today: she’s in a matching mood with the Green Neon Statement Necklace and Bracelet.
Faye in Manic Trout
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today: Looking less than amused in the Slow Ride Necklace proving that a fuchsia turtle necklace goes perfectly with bitch face.
Faye in Manic Trout
How Faye is wearing Manic Trout today: Looking like a boss in the Rich Girls Necklaces!
Faye in Manic Trout
How Faye Is Wearing Manic Trout today: showing us all how it’s done. This lady of leisure takes her afternoons seriously and knows the importance of a good lawn sprawl. Luckily she’s wearing the Mustang Sally Necklace so as soon as she feels rested, Faye will both look and feel ready for whatever the evening brings.


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Life this week according to Instagram

Adam and Faye, BFF

This week was filled with errands and stolen moments in the studio. I am headed back to NY next weekend for my sisters wedding and there was a suit to buy, suit pants and bridesmaid dresses to be shortened (at 5’2 and 5’8 this is expected with new clothes, ha!), dog vaccinations to be updated for the kennel and so many random other things that I had not expected running around doing. Unfortunately, it has meant that the little “un-necessary” tasks, which if you own a business you know are totally needed but it will not put you under if you skip them, have been neglected. All of this in addition to being gone 6 days this month (a lot for me) basically means that I have been standing still and holding my breath often this week. I have hardly been able to work out, there is just not enough time, BUT I have been fueling myself properly (a huge post is coming in this next week) so I’m at least tackling as much as I can in good health. Oddly, I cut the cups of coffee I drink in half this week but with how I’ve change my eating (and cooking) habits, I have more energy than before!

There were some lovely moments this week so I thought it nice to enjoy them at once and remind myself to remember the positive moments and to try and let go of the stress.  I have also begun to realize that I think many of you enjoy the food posts the most, and as Instagram is where I share food photos all the time, I figure bringing them here rounds out what I babble on about in those food posts. If you want to follow along on Instagram in real time, you’ll find me @manictrout.

Kale Chips
Kale Chips and my last attempt at eating Kale. I give up, I detest it and have moved on to Swiss Chard.
Manic Trout jewelry studio
Making jewelry during the blissfully quiet hours of the night.
Salmon dinner
Baked Salmon with Asparagus, Broccoli, Peppers and White Beans…on the path towards Paleo (beans are a no)
Deep thoughts on life…and yes that’s Kale in the back. I still refuse to eat it.
Blue Dahlia
Lunch at Blue Dahlia with my friend Steve, where I ate bread and cheese and wanted to die after. AKA: The final straw.
2014 Best Sellers
I have started tracking my best sellers, yeah that was a bit over due! Anyway these are the biggest seller of 2014 so far.
Maya Angelou quote
Just in case you were wondering.
Paleo shopping cart
The contents of a Paleo shopping cart
I compared Faye’s A.D.D. at the vets office to when I enter an Anthropologie store AND she lost 1.5lbs this past month!
Sierra & Adam
At lunch with friends last Saturday with my husband, “The Butcher”.

Enjoy the weekend! I have more errands to run today (if you can believe it!) and am headed to my friend Michele’s baby shower tomorrow, yay for a girly afternoon!

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