Busy = Happy in the land of Manic Trout


Tomorrow is a big day for Manic Trout…the launch of the F/W 2013 Collection will finally arrive!! That (huge) occurrence is however not the only platter on the crowded studio table that I call this week. The usual suspects are present, web orders, wholesale orders, pr requests and the daily marketing efforts all need to be done. I also have another Japanese flash sale going down mid week, but not of that is the chaos maker. What is really on my mind is that I realized that somewhere along the way, in the last month I have gotten embarrassingly behind in produciton. Oops. I have some major making to do. I blame it on the move. Or the slowness of July that got the best of me. Or the conference that I spoke at and attended that wiped me out for a few days after. Whatever the reason, it has to be done and the next few days will be nothing but a flash of pliers in front of my face. Who am I kidding, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Daily dose of inspiration: Roses, roses everywhere

Getting ready for a show tonight…we don’t set up until 5 so I course had put off getting everything together until this afternoon.  I also have put off taking a shower and getting ready until now…which of course meant that the maintenance men came by at 5 minutes before shower time to fix my tub faucet.  I had a silent,m internal panic attack and decided to blog while waiting and guess what…they’re already done, yay!  I’m only 10 minutes behind schedule…so off I go!

p.s. if you’re in the Austin area I will be at The Rattle Inn with the Austin Social Affair tonight from 7-10!

edited to add:  Photo by  Marcel Bednarz taken in Bonn, Germany where this awesomeness occurs for 3 weeks every spring.

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Shut the computer and step away from the studio…

There’s a fine line between the enjoyment from my workaholic tendencies and completely over loading and hitting the wall.  Today I hit the wall.  I have been working crazy hours for the past couple of weeks and when I’m not working, I’m thinking about work.  It’s time to step away from the computer and out of the studio for a few hours.  I think I’m going to treat myself to what I consider the ultimate indulgence…reading during the day for an hour or so.  Ok, I may have just showed you what a nerd I am that I think that is slacking off, but reading is how I shut my brain off.  I get lost in a book and every thing else fades away.  I read every night in bed and have at least been logging an hour or two a night these last few weeks, but its too much a part of my routine already to effectively recharge. I also read Jena’s great post today over at Modish about going with the flow and realized that I need to decompress a bit.  So off I go. What do you do when you’ve pushed to overload and need to regroup?


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It’s finally feeling like fall!

Autumn PathwayThe last two days have been finally feeling like fall here in Austin…I am wearing a SWEATER!!  I was a bit sad when we came back from the cool temps of Colorado last week and it was down right hot here.  I also got sick…which is now not so bad as the weather plummeted to 50 and I’m sure I would have ended up sick anyway.  At least this way I’m already halfway over it.  and rambling.  So anyway…I’m all excited about fall and sweaters, slippers…blankets on the couch and Thea texts me a photo of her front yard covered in snow.  Which was when I realized that I never get to see the first snow of the year fall on the leaves and all of that magical and beautiful stuff anymore.  I was sad.  However, this morning I woke up to a text from my mom.  It snowed in Millbrook last night.  A month earlier then normal.  They are expecting an ice storm this weekend…

Wow, its amazing how quickly you can get over missing something! AND I can run around outside nice in toasty in a sweater.

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How to avoid daily panic attacks…

RainingFlowersHow to avoid daily panic attacks when planning a move across the country.  Maybe I should rephrase that…How DO I avoid daily panic attacks when preparing to move across the country?  I have been trying to deal with most panic attack inducing situations in logical ways such as, the minute shit is about to hit the fan, change the plan accordingly so its all back on track.  Perhaps it would be easier to do if plans such as the availability of the movers did not change a week before they are coming, but I was able to call the pod people and reschedule the pick up to avoid loosing the ability to breath this morning. Then I have realized that the manic planner in me is about to get her ass kicked these next few weeks or even…months.

A very dear friend of mine made me take a break from packing last night and we were talking about my fear of not having a day job, a place to live, of having to do a fashion show with my possessions only 2 days out of the pod and basically being uncertain about everything beyond August 8th.  He pointed out that in the past couple of years I had become certain about everything…and what I need most was a good dose of uncertainty to shake things up.  I think he may be on to something, but oh how I hate it when he’s right.

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