Get You House Guest Ready In Under 10 Minutes

One of the best parts about getting older is that the “drop by” is rarely done. I can’t remember the last time I drove near a friends house and thought, “oh, I’ll just knock on their door and see if they’re home”. Although in writing this, I realize that it most likely has more to do with cell phones rather than age. But I do think that age is still a factor as I’m sure, women especially know that the thought of someone just showing up on your own doorstep unannounced fills you with such dread that you would never do that to someone. So let’s all take a moment to be grateful for both wisdom with age and technology.

However…there IS often good reason for the “I’ll be there in 10 minutes” text resulting in a semi drop by visit. So this may be the down side to cell phones, we may have lost the no notice visit, but where visits used to be more planned, now the idea that you’re already out and about so you might as well stop on your way home visit exists. The good part about that is that it usually gives you at least 10 minutes to pull yourself and/or your house together really quickly. The bad news is that 10 minutes is very little time.

Keep in mid that sometimes, these visits are from your loved ones. Your near and dear, they’re seen it all, there is no need to tidy for them type people. Those are not the people who you are going to sprint for. Not because you don’t love them, but because really, they don’t care. You would in turn, not care if they did not tidy up for you, so no worries. Maybe brush your teeth if you know they’ll be near your face otherwise, meh. What I’m talking about is the stuff you do when your colleague is coming by with some papers to sign, or your kids new friends mom is dropping by with a favorite toy that was left in their car. Perhaps your in laws are in the area and want to say hi. In my case, it’s usually a client who is coming to the studio to shop for jewelry, so some level of decorum is expected.

I’ll start with the 10 minute deadline, and then move onto a few things to add on if you have extra minutes or if they’re late or something. Ideally you have a home where most of the things on this list are always done, but we have all have those days when they are not. If you have one things that has to be done, be thankful that you instead have a spare moment to brush your hair or change out of your jammies and into a pair of jeans. Or put put on a bra or something. Hmmm, I might do a post on that too. Until then, let’s get you ready for that semi drop by!

How To Get You House Guest Ready in 10 Minutes

1. Close doors of any room you just can’t even deal with.
Bed not made? Shut the door; Laundry room a disaster? Shut the door; Kids room a nightmare; shut the door. Basically you want to have as few rooms as possible visible to your guest that you have to tidy up.

2. Get all the trash out of the room/rooms.
It’s amazing how much garbage can accumulate in living spaces. Grab a garbage bag and toss in the newspapers, empty la croix cans (my husband leaves them everywhere), junk mail, tissues (my dogs love to carry them around and leave them on all over the place) and any big dust/leaf/whatevers off the floor. Basically you want to do this at a quick jog. Empty the waste baskets in the rooms guests will be into the bag and stick it in the garage/outside the back door/just get it out of the house. While you’re at it, if your kitchen garbage smells, that should go too.

3. Shove all clutter in a bag, basket or box and put it behind a closed door.
I’m serious. You will need to deal with what’s in the basket later, just grab everything that shouldn’t be there and remove it as fast as you can. Random socks, toys, books, blankets, whatever looks sloppy needs to be out of there. Make sure all dirty dishes are hidden too. You’re still jogging through all of this.

4. Grab a sponge or towel and wipe down any sticky/dirty surface in the rooms the guest will be.
Think kitchen counters, bathroom sink, etc. You’re not trying to really clean anything, just avoiding grossing out your company.

5. Light a scented candle or spray room spray, especially if you have pets.

6. In the final seconds, run around the room and fluff couch pillows, straighten furniture, tuck in chairs, straighten anything askew.
This is basically the equivalent of making sure you don’t have lipstick on your teeth and your pants are zippered. (Maybe do that too)

Your house is now presentable for last minute company, yay!

If you have a few extra minutes:

1. Vacuum.
This is not the type of vacuuming where you’re moving furniture and getting under things, but rather a quick pick up of dog hair or dust bunnies.

2. Dust.
If you have rooms with a great deal of natural sunlight, the dust can look a bit more obvious on table tops that have not seen a duster for a bit. Grab a microfiber cloth or a feather duster and go to town as fast as you can.

3. Clean the bathroom.
No one has ever walked into a freshly cleaned bathroom and wished it was dirty.

4. Make the bed.
If you can see the bed from the where you’ll be with your guests or want to give your guest a house tour, pulling up a blanket and fluffing the pillows can make a world of difference.

5. Clean the pet hair off of seating areas.
A quick vacuum, roller or blanket spreading can make a difference (I always forget to do this and feeling incredibly guilty when guests sit on the dog hair covered couch).

6. Wipe down mirrors.
If you have mirrors in living areas, a quick wiping down of them will make the light sparkle better and everything look cleaner.

Whew, you did it! Pat yourself on the back and go offer your guests some coffee!

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I’d be happy if you’d DI-Try


When we moved into our new house, we inherited ceiling fans and lights that required reading a manual to operate them. Thank goodness for google as I have spent many nights in bed downloading and reading pdfs on operating these mysterious marvels. At first, I was so overwhelmed with unpacking and decorating that I tried to get Adam to handle it but I kid you not, he actually looked at me as we tried to figure out how to open one of them up to change a bulb, and suggested that we should call a professional. To change a lightbulb. I recalled the post I did about our tasks in our relationship and that I am in charge of these things and immediately fired him from the job.  So that is how I ended up reading manuals on lighting fixtures. You know, it’s a good thing I did, most of them are pretty fancy and were obviously picked out by someone who enjoys life made better by technology. The fans are all operated by buttons on the wall and have 6 speed settings and light dimmers involved. I doubt I would have figured that or the crazy different bulbs for each one without it and have enjoyed using them in full functioning glory.

It’s interesting owning a home with someone and seeing what they think they can do themselves. I grew up with a mom who was single through my teens and who was a beast with doing stuff herself and taught us all to be the same. We all had to climb down in the well and change fuses and could use all tools with ease. What’s really interesting is that my sister and I both married men who had dads who were crazy DIYers but neither of our husbands seem to think they are able to do anything without calling for help. When we first moved in, I balked that he made us hire a plumber to hook up the gas dryer, but I understand his fear with gas. We also had an electrician come and do a long list of things that involved drilling holes in walls and wiring that was overwhelming to us. Besides that though, I’m of camp DIY when you own a house, in less it would take me so long to do something that its cheaper to hire out than use my time. We’ve talked about this and Adam likes the idea of being a Mr. Fix it like his Dad was, so I have been giving him pep talks and telling him to find youtube videos to figure stuff out. I am proud to say that he has been fixing things outside and he’s been working on his own motorcycle and even built a box thing for skateboarding with this new confidence. All I’ve asked is that he at least DI-Try before he calls for help and it’s amazing what he can do!

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Top 5 Favorite Things Right Now

A happy Bird of Paradise plant in it's new basket.
A happy Bird of Paradise plant in it’s new basket.

I was inspired to make this list by John and Sherry from their Young House Love podcast. They end each week with what they have been loving lately and it always make me think about what I am loving too. As I usually get excited about what they love, I thought that you may appreciate my favs too…so here we go:

1. Command Strips in brushed nickel for bathrooms. You guys…hooks for the shower that match the fixtures and don’t fall down!! I started with 4 but once I discovered how amazing these were, added 2 more. Who knew I needed 6 hooks in the shower?? What hangs on these hooks you may be wondering? Wash cloth, scrubby gloves, shower cap, squeegee and 2 for drying bathing suits (we swim often and I rinse and hang them to dry).

2. Mini Grocery Carts. If you’ve been to a large grocery store recently, chances are you have used the smaller cart option. If you have not, I am sad for you because they are FUN to use. Although they are too small for a weeks worth of groceries for two people, I will make it work if they’re available. These little carts zip around and make me feel like I’m in super market sweep. I may have run into a few people taking the corners too fast, but once you tell them how you feel like you’re in super market sweep, they are usually amused enough to forgive you.

3. Sale duvet covers from Pottery Barn. I think all but one duvet cover out of the 8 or so duvet covers I have owned have been from Pottery Barn and most of them I found on sale. The quality is great, they are beautiful and if you strike at the right time can be scored for a great deal. I ordered one this morning for the 2nd guest room which I found on the teen site (by the way, always check the teen and kids sites for sheets smaller than king beds!), it’s exactly what I wanted for that bed, was marked down and had  free shipping. It was $42.22 for a queen duvet cover including tax. Boom!

4. Dyson cordless stick vacuum. It’s cord free, people. Imagine this scenario: white stone floors and 2 dogs who have all or some black hair. As you can imagine, I use this vacuum at least 3 times a day. Its light weight and powerful. I grab it, run through the room that I can feel or see specks of dirt or hair in and it’s all gone within minutes. The downside is that being cordless and light, the battery only lasts about 15 minutes. If I need to vacuum the whole house, I have to do it in segments. But the pluses far outweigh that single con. I never thought I could love a vacuum so much!

5. Baskets for plants. We recently went a little plant crazy. Adam has been obsessed with turning the patio into a jungle and I got overly excited in the tropical indoor plant section. We asked countless questions about how to keep them all alive, one of the tips was to not repot them for at least 4 months. If we wanted them to look prettier, to drop them potted into a larger container until then. Well, for some reason the containers I kept bringing home were not the right shape to “drop” into. I was also getting frustrated as I didn’t like the look of many of the pots that were big enough. I was also getting worried that we would buy all of these expensive pots and then need bigger ones in 4 months. So when I walked into Michael’s to get a few frames the other day, I got really excited when I laid my eyes on these bucket shaped baskets that were pretty and 70% off. I bought all of the blue ones in the small and medium sizes that they had. I patted myself on the back for not bringing home the fuchsia ones as they wouldn’t match at all. Fuchsia is still hard for me to resist even though Manic Trout pink no longer exists, so that was a big accomplishment. Once I got them home and saw how well they worked, that I actually went back and bought all of the large ones too. Not only do the pots drop in perfectly height wise, but plastic saucers fit perfectly in them as liners. They work so well that this may end up being a more permanent solution than we intended. Even if we replace them with different pots in 4 months, it was under $70 for 6 large plants so I’m not stressed about it. If you are on the lookout for plant baskets, check your local Michaels! Although if that means the one on Brodie Lane in Austin, all the blue ones are gone. #sorrynotsorry

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June 2016

Photo Jul 14, 11 05 19 AM

Yesterday I was organizing the piles on my desk since moving in last week and almost fell over when I realized it was already July 13th. Then I looked at my last blog post and I was even more shocked that June seemed to have not existed at all, woah. As I’m sure you assumed, the busier real life is, the less on is on the internet. June was for sure one of those times. It’s all pretty much a blur but there was a week in NY with my family, finding and closing on a house and a week of really intense packing. I may have missed the boat on holiday pitching throughout all of this, but I was at least trying to keep up with the prep for that as well.

The first few days of July were filled with the closing and 3 days of intense DIY moving with a uhaul van. The first day we almost killed Gretchen by moving in the triple digit Texas heat and I logged 35k steps each day doing van runs mostly by myself as Adam had to work (bad timing with a move immediately after vacation btw, try and avoid that!), on the 4th day, the movers came for the big furniture and we joined our stuff over in the new house. This entire week was filled with unpacking and shopping. I’d unpack from 9 – 4 and then take a break to go get food and shop for things I realized I needed in the unpacking. You know the kind of stuff: baskets, bulbs, hanging things, storage pieces and on and on. For about a week there was lot’s of shopping for furniture, scouting for future furniture, and buying all of the organizing and gardening things. I realized last week that I went to Home Goods every single day for 8 days. There were 3 in rotation, and it was intense. Target was also in heavy rotation and I visited Nadeau, Pottery Barn, Pier 1, Z Gallery and Restoration Hardware at least 2 times each. There were a few days where we were going to any store we could think of with big stuffed chairs and sitting in every single one. I also realized that we at this point had all of the storage furniture we needed and I was feeling over shopped and becoming incapable of making any more decisions with the decor.

Do you get that feeling when you move? You have a vision of where certain things are going and what you want the vibe to be and then you start to wonder what the hell you’re doing? Yeah, that’s where I am now. I’m a big believer in living in a space before really decorating though, so I think I just reached the point where I was making decisions I wasn’t ready to make without living in the space first. So for the past 4 days, I have enjoyed the feeling of having all the boxes unpacked, the closets, cupboards and shelves sort of organized (these will evolve over time too) and I’ve gone back to work in the studio. Every time our voices echo from having nothing on the walls, I cringe slightly, but am still not ready to pull the trigger on where to hang all the art. We have a great deal of art at this point. I have given away/sold most of my own paintings but I still have a decent amount of them, I have a collection of photographs I adore, we have art by friends and family, inherited pieces that we have a few of and more coming in the late summer and of course, the collection of large photographs that Adam and I have bought as our Christmas gifts each year we’ve been married. The third is pretty large and at the framers right now. In the back of my mind, I’m waiting on gettting that back to make any other decisions as it’s 42.5″ x 42.5″ and will command a big wall. At the same time, I’m pretty content with waiting a bit more anyway.

After the art there are a few details like curtains in the bedrooms, the decision on where and if area rugs should come in and a few pieces of big furniture we need to order. Any input on where you have bought really big and comfy chairs would be appreciated btw. I need a large piece of furniture for the bedroom and both of us think it’s the perfect place to put a reading oasis for me that I can retreat to when Adam is watching movies and I want a quiet and comfy place to go. We love the grande chair/chair and half with an ottoman idea and are considering all the options out there right now. House plants, accent furniture and furniture for the third guest room are on the list as well. But for now I’m just enjoying being back in the studio with the dogs.

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Divide and Conquer – how do you decide who does what in a relationship?


Earlier today I had to laugh when there was a situation involving restaurant reservation making. I found myself getting all annoyed at having to log onto open table (so hard, I know!). While I muttered under my breath about Adam asking me to do his job, I thought once again about why in our marriage, we have very specific tasks that we each take care of. These are based on both skill and preference, as I certainty am capable of making reservations, I just for some reason really don’t like to, which is similar to Adam with laundry. Do you have assigned roles in your relationship with your partner (as in the love kind, not the business kind)?

A few weeks after Adam and I eloped, we moved from my apartment into which he had sort of moved, but not really, into a house new to both of us. The changes of both our marital status and living situation brought up new issues, mostly being who was responsible for what. Every relationship is unique like a snowflake and in our unique partnership, we both work and chose to not have children. However, there immediately were a few issues that we had to iron out as it seemed hard to get away from the “traditional” roles in who does what. For example, as I work from a studio in my home, it was assumed on Adam’s part that I would therefore do all of the “house keeping” chores. This did not sit well with me. Even with the help of someone who came in and cleaned every other week, there was still a good deal of upkeep that I did not have time to be doing while my work day was going on. Things like this has to be figured out over time and caused a good deal of yelling until we figured out a realistic plan of who does what. We also realized some interesting things such as having a cleaning person being in our house for 6 hours every Saturday was more annoying than sharing that work and doing it ourselves in a quarter of the time. As time went on, we started to divide tasks more and more, and sometimes sub divided (cleaning the house) tasks until we reached a point where we were pretty happy.

At the moment this is how we divide everything:

Kitchen Cleanliness
Grocery Shopping and Household Basics (for clothes for either of us, we actually go together which is both so dorky and sweet)
Schedules (for both of us, including travel)
Finances (if it involves money, it goes through me)
Dog Care (I organize it all and Adam does what I ask to help, which ends up being a bit less then half)
Personal Car Maintenance
Electronics/Technology (fixing, plugging in, trouble shooting, Adam just pushes it all towards me)
Anything involving wood, paint or floors
Keeping every single thing in the house/garage organized and in it’s place at all times (which oddly is not something that seems task like to me, its really more like breathing)

Cleaning Bathrooms
Washing Cars/Motorcycle
Personal Car/Motorcycle Maintenance (the motorcycle part could be a full time job)
Lawn Care
Outdoor Holiday Decor (it’s a very big deal to him)
Plumbing (mild situations, we call for help if it’s possible he could make it worse, not better)
Anything involving the outside of the house
Garbage and Recycling Duty
Washes dishes after meals we eat together (for some reason we never use the dishwasher)
Communications (this one is HUGE. It’s equal in size to my handling our finances. It covers talking to any and all house related people such as repairs, lawn guys, if the internet goes out (unless I’m home alone) and people, making all dinner reservations, getting to know and being nice to the neighbors, making sure we are in touch with friends and family and on and on.)

It’s a pretty good divide and we seem to be doing well with this split. I wonder how much the assignment of chores has changed in the past few decades. Even though through history, besides for a few short decades in the US around the 1950’s, the majority of women have also worked, yet the bulk of the child care and house keeping used to fall mostly on them. Has this finally changed over time? Oddly we are also one of the few countries who does not have help in the home in the form of a cook and or house keeper regardless of class. The distribution of household tasks has always been a subject that fascinated me!

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Holiday decorating…I’m starting to get why

Excuse the dark phone photo, I call this visual day dreaming
So much has changed from this view since we moved in:new couch, dining chairs, fridge, whale, pillows, throws…(excuse the dark phone photo, I was just making a point).

Besides the obvious reasons…for the kids, festive spirit, keeping up with the Joneses…I am starting to understand the deeper desire behind holiday decorating. We are in our third year living in our current house and I am so bored with it. The layout is a tough one with odd walls, excessive doors in the rooms and a large open living space. I realized yesterday that I have swapped the dining room table out with the extra one we have stored in our garage multiple times, rearranged the guest room and studio at least 4 times each and added new furniture, cloths, lamps and what nots in every space I could. I have moved art around, swapped things between rooms, switched what I have stored with what is out and on and on. Its been two years and four months and I am so over this space. As we do not plan on living in Austin for much longer, we rent and much of my being over the space is from my hating the wall colors and the carpet. If we had bought the house, I would have knocked down walls, redone the kitchen, removed ugly light fixtures, changed the floors and at the very least painted the walls. But as we do not own the house and it was freshly renovated, we live with choices I never would have made.

This morning when I was rearranging the cooking utensils in a new crock, I was daydreaming for the umpteenth time about a new kitchen (in a new house, in a new city) and a light bulb went off in my head…this is why so many people get crazy with holiday decor! It’s the perfect excuse to completely over haul as much as you want in the name of festivity and then when it’s over, you out it all away and decorate for normal life again. As I have bought nine ornaments in the past few weeks for a tree we have not bought yet, I think I’ve arrived at the holiday spirit decor of my life. Last year we were away for the holidays and I think I missed not having a having a tree. I have been slowly collecting little bits and pieces of holiday decor over the past few years and will most likely not go overboard, but I accept the challenge with open arms and will keep you posted.

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Clean vs Organized


I’m sure there are people out there who have both a neurotically clean house and meticulously organized one. I must not know those people. I’ll admit I am insanely organized, but through no real effort. It comes to me as naturally as breathing. I admittedly spend a decent amount of time doing tasks to promote order to the stuff in my life, but they are tasks I enjoy doing. I believe in a place for everything and everything in it’s place and in order to live that way, you need to be constantly rearranging and staying on top of things. Even laundry is not so bad and I stay incredibly on top if it, but mainly to keep it from becoming visible or clutter. I also change the sheets and clean the kitchen neurotically as there is something about where I sleep and eat that makes me need extremely clean spaces. I do not however like to do cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting or cleaning the bathrooms at all. For years I had a cleaning lady who would come in twice a week and do all of these dreaded tasks, but as I work at home full time now, it was stressing me out when I needed to work and either had to leave, or have someone was here cleaning for hours.  Truthfully I felt guilty and would end up spending the time cleaning with her and that was just weird. So now I am left to tackle it all, and I just avoid the things I don’t like to do. The result is that embarrassingly enough, it sometimes means that weeks go by without vacuuming. Or mopping…oh wait, weeks? Yeah, I’ve never mopped in this house. How is it that a person who freaks out if the curtains are not hanging correctly or keys are not in the “key spot” can not care if the floor is dirty? The sad part is that when I finally get grossed out and get out the sponges and sprays, that I get it all done in a little over an hour. An hour! That’s all it takes to manically clean the house, I spend more time each day on facebook! Unfortunately this confession will do little to change my habits, but at least I feel a bit lighter having told you, it was cathartic. Just promise to give me an hours notice before you come over so I can pretend that none of this is true.



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My thumb is getting greener

Hibiscus Tree

Last year we decided to plant a garden. In all the excitement of buying plants, the decision to include potted greenery as well seemed like a really good idea. I made sure Adam understood that he was to be the main caregiver to the plants as I had already proved my black thumb with the tree that I thought was fake when I bought it (which has since died btw). All together in pots, there were: 12 succulents, a tomato plant, mint, a large palm, a tangerine tree, two large indoor plants and a hibiscus tree that for some reason Adam wanted to “rescue” from the dying plant area. I think he was flexing his green thumb muscles for me. By the end of the summer, the tomato had produced tomatoes and then died, the mint dried out in the heat and the two indoor plants were brought outside by Adam and fried. I would like to take this moment to point out that not all thumbs are green all of the time.

Tangerine Tree
The two trees, the palm and all 12 succulents were all going strong though. Then Adam started a 6 month period where he was traveling for work and was gone at least month at a time. We both dreaded the potential outcome. I tried to convince him that the plants are the cheap part, that since we bought all of the large pots that we could just buy new plants in the spring and it would be fine! t seemed that he was very attached to THESE plants, so I took my job as caregiver very seriously. I moved all of the plants inside before there was danger of a frost and tried to get them in as much sunlight as possible…which was near impossible due to the layout of our house. I even permanently stained the dining room table trying to keep the succulents alive. Sadly 8 did not make it through the winter mainly due to little fruit fly like insect in them, but the 4 that did are doing great. The palm almost made it, but the only light was in front of a sliding glass door, and I think it got too cold. We have not given up on it yet though, the dead plant is still on the porch waiting to revive itself (I have nothing to do with that thought). The real focus of my attention was on the two trees though. Adam would constantly ask about the well being of the them and I felt like if they died it would crush him. So I researched and did everything right. I let them go dormant and as a result most of their leaves fell of (which was normal). I did however prepare both of us for the sad fact that sometimes trees never flower again after a dormant winter. When Adam returned home he absolutely doubted my care giver skills…but as you can see, miracles do happen!!

I will distract you with cute dogs but still share the dead palm on the left.
I will distract you with cute dogs but still share the dead palm on the left.

The hibiscus is the most amazing plant I have ever seen. The poor thing has fallen over a few times and during the tornado the other day actually landed upside down and I though broke in two. It however is still is going strong and blooming everyday. The tangerine tree had one little tangerine hanging from it that grew slowly over the winter. We finally picked it the other day, hoping that the nutrients that were feeding it would help the rest of tree and overnight the entire thing budded. It is now filled with the most intoxicating smelling flowers, and a bit late in the season, so I think that theory was valid. We also repotted it to a larger pot when it came back outside. The biggest factor in these two trees thriving though is that we have had flash flood causing thunderstorms everyday for a month. I’m pretty sure these trees have been loving the weather, even if we’re not. We decided to forgo the veggie garden this year as so much was going on during the planting season, but as we already have all the pots from the plants that didn’t make it, I plan on filling them up in the next few weeks. Hopefully everything will at least make it to the fall!



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5 things that make me so happy, yet I avoid doing

The state of my desk pile on Friday afternoon.
The chaotic state of my desk pile on Friday afternoon.

I have been thinking today about how there are very few things in life that make me instantly happy, take less that 30 minutes to do and cost nothing (because I always already have everything). Yet these are the things that I put off until I cringing from not doing them. Here are my top 5 and a vow to try and do them more ofter:

1. Painting my toenails. Just a simple color change at home makes me bizarrely happy and it’s just not done enough.

2. Changing the sheets. Clean sheet night is my favorite night of the week. Now that we have 2 dogs instead of 1, I’m thinking it may need to happen twice a week. Because dog hair.

3. Vacuuming. My most procrastinated task…and yet its such a good feeling after it’s done. Due to all the rain and therefore mud, I have been doing it more frequently and feel that it just makes life more pleasant.

4. Running. I actually wrote a paper for a philosophy class in college about why I deny myself something that brings me so much happiness. Here I am, so many years later…still doing it.

5. Cleaning off the pile on my desk. It takes minutes to go through the pile of notes and papers that accumulate. I instantly feel more pulled together and should do it daily…yet there it sits.

What are the simple little things that bring you instant happiness…that you really should do more often?

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Which Whale?


I’m having a decor dilemma at the moment and I need input. For about 14 months I have been lusting after this large whale for the stone wall in the living room. I have’t pulled the trigger yet because I can’t decide on what color to order. There are 28 possible options, all slightly distressed on wood, and I have it down to 4. Well, 3 really, I don’t think I like the grey. I posted the straight on shot on IG, but then made another mock up for a second round with my mom and sisters and confused myself all over again.  The whale is 48″ long by 14″ tall so it will have quite the impact.


The room is the main room in the house, so I’ll see this thing constantly. I love the black but worry it will draw attention to the only other black in the room, the tv. Most of the small accents in the room are ivory and gold (there is another table behind the couch that is not seen in the photos and is white with ivory and gold lamps and things on it), so I thought gold might be a good way to go without drawing all the attention in the room to it. However, if I want to draw attention…and keep it “real”, then I think navy is the way to go. Navy also goes well with the paintings in the dining room which is technically in the same huge open space.


What are your thoughts? Keep in mind that the colors are all mocked up in photoshop, except the black, so I’m sure they will look better in person.

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