The past 10 days have been jam packed with activities. We had two waves of house guests as well as logging in a good amount of hours with friends. Due to the schedules that Adam and I both keep these days, it was a bit outside of our norm and made it feel as though we were the ones on vacation! This also explains my absence from blogging for the past week…when I did get into the studio it was pretty quick and focused on getting orders out the door. I spent more time doing laundry (so many sheets, blankets and towels!) than I did in the studio last week, ha! I oddly took very few photos though all of the fun, and the majority of the photos that I snapped were with my sister Gillian when she was here as I very rarely see her. Regardless, I decided to collect all of my favorite moments right here as one of the best parts about blogging is that you are keeping a record of your life, and I love looking back at past events. So here is our July, 2015 impromptu Stay-cation

Barton Springs
At Barton Springs Pool
At Barton Springs Pool
Sister antics at dinner
Sister antics at dinner
One of many, many wonderful meals out on the town
One of many, many wonderful meals out on the town
Aggressive sister love in 2011 (top) and 2015 (bottom)
Aggressive sister love in 2011 (top) and 2015 (bottom)

We ate all the things, saw all the places, listened to live music, went dancing, ate more of the things, went new phone shopping (4 of us have new phones now, yay!), played board games and ate some more things. In the wake of all of this merriment, I’m a bit exhausted, bloated from eating all the things, and some how haven’t had time to wash my hair in three days, but I had such a fun time!

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Playing hooky


We’re in the last few days of June, summer is officially here and it’s hot in Texas. It’s also about to be my slowest month of the year with Manic Trout. So when Adam begged that at 4pm today, I take a break for a few hours and go to Twin Falls, which part of the Green Belt here in Austin, I didn’t have to think that hard about it. It’s been rare that he has had a sunny day off with all the rain we’ve been having, so we both jumped at the chance to go for a swim with friends.  I’m so happy we did as it was a beautiful hike to the falls and back, the water was perfect, it wasn’t too crowded and thanks to all that rain, both little falls were flowing beautifully!






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I have a magical brake light

TracksToNowhereThat’s the positive spin I am putting on my brake light that kept turning itself back on the last few days until it drained my battery and I had to get a very pricey new one delivered to my house.  At the same time that I noticed my dead car, I realized that when you park under certain trees in Texas when it rains, they cover your car in sap.  Yuck.  After a 3 hour venture to find a car wash open in the rain and grocery shopping during the busiest time of day I came home in need of calm repetitive motions.  So I reduced all prices on Sample Sale and Last Chance Sale jewelry.  We’re talking 60% – 75% off the original prices here!  Take a few minutes to browse through the sales and take advantage of my stressful day…stock your gift closet for the upcoming season of needing last minute gifts or just buy yourself something pretty…because you’re awesome and have most likely had a bad day recently as well.

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Momentum…or the fear of stopping?

WoodPileWhen I get on a really good roll in the studio I just want to keep going, pausing only to eat, sleep, walk the dog, maybe exercise a bit.  And that’s about it.  This is the first time in a few years that I don’t have to stop for a day job…so I have just been holed up in my studio for days and days on end…immersed in getting ready for the holiday insanity.  Before you get all worried that I am a recluse or something, understand that I have taken breaks for dinners out and errand running.  I also thank my lucky stars that I have found someone who not only gets this need I have, but travels a lot so I’m free to go and go without sacrificing any one’s feelings.

So I was lying in bed at 4 in the morning last night…wide awake…thinking about the next two months which is both my crazy season for Manic Trout and now a time where I have to travel a great deal over the holidays.  Which brings up a new slew of new stressful decisions like should I take Faye on the plane with me when I go back East for the Christmas or leave her at a boarders?  Is three nights away for Thanksgiving an insane idea considering how stressed out I am that weekend.  Should I just ship our stuff to my moms a week before we leave Christmas week so nothing gets lost during our flight? You know, the typical stuff that keeps you wide awake at night.  Please tell me I’m not the only one!

So this morning, when I was going over the notes I made in my phone in the middle of the night and telling Adam for 20 minutes on the phone the pros and cons of the two dog boarding places that I found on yelp at 3:30am I started to think about my go, go, going.  I wonder if I am going full speed ahead simply because there is so much to do, or is it that if I’m not going full speed ahead that I will feel like I won’t be prepared for the busy time ahead and must be in the zone…kind of like jumping into a game of double dutch?  Then I realized that I was of course over thinking the thinking and perhaps I should ease up on the caffeine and eat something.  But really…I may be onto something here…

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Advertising, the holidays and wanting to just curl up in a ball

I have had to resist the urge to curl up in a ball and go to sleep for about every second of the past few days.  Before I moved to Austin I kept telling people that I would have a day job again because when I don’t I tend to spiral into pits of depression when I hole up in my studio alone for too many days on end and I need to force myself to get out and do things.  But then I got here and had a chance to really focus on Manic Trout and taking it to the next level.  Which is awesome…until I start to spiral.  Ugh.  I have a ton to do though to get ready for the holiday season…do you realize how close Christmas is??? Yeah, we won’t go there right now.

Right now I am focusing on getting inventory to at least a normal level and making sure all my ducks are in a row.  And Advertising.  I hate creating Ads.  In the past, I have had others do a few for me…but I have a bit of an advertising background and the skills to do it…and all the stuff is right in front of me…so I’m doing it.  But I don’t like it.  This may be some of the spiral inducing matter in my life right now.  Must. Resist. Curling. Into. Ball.

On a random side note…I have the heat on, in TEXAS!  It feels so indulgent!  It also was about 55 in my apartment when I got up this morning and that is no bueno!  Its kind of amusing how heat works here in the south…it comes out of the ceiling vents…which are put there to make cooling the place down a quick task, but let me tell you, I am so happy that I ignored the scoffs and brought my ll bean sheep skin “wicked good slippers” with me, because the bare floors are FREEZING here when its cold (ahem, under 65 out)!  Brrrrrrr.

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Autumn on my mind

I am completely obsessed with Pinterest…duh, who isn’t?  I have all sorts of collections of photos going on over there, all though last night I had to clean them up a bit as I was putting duplicates all over the place…how embarrassing, I know! As we are in the thick of the season, I thought I would share my Autumn photos here…








Happy Fall!

All photo credits (and where to find me) on Pinterest.

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It’s finally feeling like fall!

Autumn PathwayThe last two days have been finally feeling like fall here in Austin…I am wearing a SWEATER!!  I was a bit sad when we came back from the cool temps of Colorado last week and it was down right hot here.  I also got sick…which is now not so bad as the weather plummeted to 50 and I’m sure I would have ended up sick anyway.  At least this way I’m already halfway over it.  and rambling.  So anyway…I’m all excited about fall and sweaters, slippers…blankets on the couch and Thea texts me a photo of her front yard covered in snow.  Which was when I realized that I never get to see the first snow of the year fall on the leaves and all of that magical and beautiful stuff anymore.  I was sad.  However, this morning I woke up to a text from my mom.  It snowed in Millbrook last night.  A month earlier then normal.  They are expecting an ice storm this weekend…

Wow, its amazing how quickly you can get over missing something! AND I can run around outside nice in toasty in a sweater.

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I get to see fall foliage!!!

LeavesRoadI have been so distressed to not witness the awesome fall colors of the Hudson Valley this year. However…Adam and I are going yo visit Thea at school this week (she only had to ask us to a dozen times) and from what I hear, Colorado gives the HV a run for their money on foliage.  Yay!!  Expect a flurry of photos next week of trees…

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