Ch ch ch ch ch changes…

At the flates on South Padre this past Thanksgiving**

I keep talking about how much change happened in 2011 but this being only the 2nd day of  2012, I already have to declare that 2011 had NOTHING on 2012!  The wedding planning is starting to move full speed ahead and today we…ready for it…looked at the first two houses in our quest for a home!!  I’m kind of terrified, I’ll admit it…so much change…and soooo much commitment…but I’m dealing rather well with it all.

Speaking of commitment, Adam and I finally started our blog, She Says He Says.  It has opened to rave reviews and if you want to know what all the fuss is about, you’ll just have to go read it yourself!

**One of my goals for the year is to use my own photos (or photos taken for me) in the blog, except for of course the daily inspiration…so you get look forward to many random shots…ha!

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Recently in Instagram

What a week.  I think my hard drive crashing was number three on my list of most stressful moments in the life of Manic Trout, coming in behind two floods…both causing my studio to be evacuated and one forcing me to move and the being a move of 2000 miles and having to keep my studio n a pod for a month.  Thankfully I now have a new hard drive and as I back up weekly, I only lost a small amount of work.

While transferring photos from my phone this morning, I realized it been quite some time since I posted instagram photos.  Speaking of instagram, have you seen followgram yet?  You can access your instagram account from your mac, its awesome!

Anyway, here is what I have been up to the past week or so…

InstagramDec03_2011_01On the boat in South Padre on the Thanksgiving Moring

InstagramDec03_2011_02Faye who is exhausted after her first walk on a beach.  There was a plethora of washed up jellyfish and fish carcasses that day to cause utter joy and excitement.  All in all, a successful adventure.

InstagramDec03_2011_03A kite boarder setting up on the flats.

InstagramDec03_2011_04We had to stop at the tourist trap on the way off the island to photo the dinosaurs and other creatures…I personally liked the shark the best.

InstagramDec03_2011_05A pit stop for a big bag of pineapple oranges on the road home…so happy we did, yummy!!

InstagramDec03_2011_06When it gets down into the low 40’s in Austin, the outdoor bars are still open as usual, so everyone is out on 6th street in parkas and scarves…still hanging around outside…freezing cold but reluctant to go inside…me included!

InstagramDec03_2011_07Faye and I had a lot of cuddle time this week while my computer was gone.

InstagramDec03_2011_08Part of the Manic Trout tent at Austin’s First Thursday this month, I love doing outdoor night shows in December…we’re sure not in NY anymore!

InstagramDec03_2011_09Adam and I had date night last night…burgers at Docs on Congress, an unexpected stop at the Big Top Candy Shop and then we were off to see Jack and Jill (the new Adam Sandler flick)…it was the perfect date and so much fun!

ps…I am manictrout on instagram!

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Recently in Instagram

Wow, what a month!  There has been so much going on that I can’t even remember all of it!  Besides all of the stuff I have been doing not work related, Manic Trout participated in Austin First Thursday in the beginning of the month and will be again this coming week!  I am also super excited about the Three new lines which were released this month that I’m really proud of, yay!.  But the best part of the month was seeing not one, but TWO of my sisters, how awesome is that???  I think its much more fun to show you, not just tell you though, so here are a few glimpses of what I have been up to for the last month…

Instagram_Sept24Tati and I went to Pecan Street Festival and enjoyed all of the sights and fun that we could find.

Instagram_Sept30The awesome ceiling at one of my favorite restaurants, Madame Mam’s…the best Thai food I’ve ever had.

Ok maybe I had enjoyed a few scotches at dinner, but I was really excited when I realized that Adam and I both wear colored shoes all the time.

Instagram_Oct2At my first NFL game…the Texans vs the Steelers.  It was insane and I loved every minute of it!

Instagram_Oct9We went to the beach!!!  Gillian and Jav went to South Padre Island (where Adam’s parents live) for a week, so we drove down to see them for a few days of it and it was awesome.

Instagram_Oct20Thea was jealous of our visiting with Gilly and a bit homesick too, so we headed off to Boulder, Colorado a week later for two nights and three jam packed days with Thea.  That’s the view from our hotel, it was gorgeous!

Instagram_Oct19Yeah, my boys got skills.  Boulder was basically one big playground for handstands, look at the face on the little girl in the background watching him!

Instagram_Oct21A habit I can’t seem to quit.  These had a citrus cream cheese frosting…SO yummy!

Instagram_Oct23We arrived back in Texas to Adam having a houseful of out of town guests and basically it was non stop chaos for the week.  Even though we were able to hide out at my house some of the time, it was a lot to take.  I managed to go outside alone with my coffee for 10 minutes one day before we headed out to an all day fundraiser.

Instagram_Oct27I got a text while getting my hair cut asking if I wanted to have date night that night, so I had a blown out for the first time in a few years…its so fun to look so different for a night!

Instagram_Oct28The chaos of out of town visitors has finally subsided and since I’ve been sick all week after a particular germy person sat behind me on the plane,  I have spent much of the past 36 hours sleeping…and eating Halloween candy that I bought “just in case” I got Trick-or-Treators.  So excited for Halloween tomorrow!!!

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Back from the Beach

SundrenchedOceanWe had a wonderful time at the beach.  It was so wonderful to see Gilly and Jav, I was so used to family being around all the time that I didn’t realize how much I would miss it!  Their plane was delayed for 10 hours getting to the island, so we stayed an extra day and it was worth getting a bit behind on work for!  I always a bit more centered after being on the ocean.

I’m still on vacation time, without work keeping me up all night and with so much to do, I switch schedules and get up much earlier than at home.  Luckily, Adam is the same way and last night we both fell asleep early and jumped out of bed this morning on the same schedule we’ve been on.  Perfect for me as I have already begun catching up on the piles of things I have to do today.

Do you adjust to a different schedule on vacation?


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Off to the beach…

weheartotbeachI know, it’s October.  Last year at this time I was in sweaters and boots frolicking in piles of leaves…well, I live in Texas now…and its over 90 degrees out today.  Perfect beach weather.  A month or so ago, my sister Gillian (the one in New York City) called to ask if she was remembering correctly that I went with Adam to South Padre Island to visit his parents this past June.  She was delighted that she was correct because her bf Jav had googled the best places to go in October and South Padre came up.  Random, yes…but only a 6 hour drive for me!

This weekend is the beginning of their week on South Padre,  so Adam and I have a dog sitter coming for Faye and are packing up the car and heading down to visit our families and frolic on the beach for a couple of days.  Yay!  What are you doing for the long weekend?

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Daily Muse: 7.18.11

I love jellyfish…in photos.  I never, ever want to encounter one face to face…or rather leg to thread of pain.  So let’s just admire them here and send a little good juju that we never meet.

In the safely of my apartment, I have been finally packing.  The essence has been boxed up…all the little details that make my home a home.  Its really depressing in here now, I should have started with cooking stuff…its not like I use all that anyway!

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I seem to be getting myself prepared for the cross country drive I will soon be taking by driving around the state of new york like a mad woman.  I wish I could be driving this rad little blue car by a violent sea instead…what a fantastic image!

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Daily Muse: 6.26.11

Today is the halfway point between the day I decided to move and the day I actually move to Austin.  6 weeks FLEW by…how did it go so fast???  Fortunately, today is also the first day that I have felt calm about the move and not in a panic of having much to do, figuring out to pay for the pod and moving expenses and of course, if I made the right choice.  All signs point to Texas and everything has been falling neatly into place so much so that its kind of eerie but in a really wonderful way.

I just finished cleaning out the last area of my apartment which had to be sorted out pre packing for the moving sale and even have a little collection of packed boxes in my painting studio.  Its starting to feel very real…which is good, as 6 weeks from tomorrow I will wake up, get on my car and drive to Austin!!!

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Daily Muse: 6.15.11

I still am on a high from my trip to the ocean last week.  It was wonderful and much needed.  Refueled me to get down to work for the next 7 weeks before the move.  Speaking of which, I am very lucky to have a new intern start today at Manic Trout!  Our main goal will be getting the Holiday line together and ready to go so I can launch once I get to Texas, woo hoo!!!

I have noticed how amazing it is to have new life breathed into a creative space.  One of the reasons I selected Austin as my next place to live is the amount of creativity in that town.  Its hard to be inspired to keep pushing boundaries when no one has any enthusiasm to push themselves. I look forward to being surround and contributing to so much energy and passion!

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