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Sierra and Adam vlog about disasters

Due to the recent devastation brought by Hurricane Harvey to our beautiful state of Texas, we decided to talk about dealing with disaster in the most recent vlog. Enjoy!

Sierra and Adam Vlog about Travel

We’re back! This week we talked about travel. Our bucket list, what our favorite trips together have been, the type of vacations we like and where we hope to go next!

The 5th episode of the vlog is out!!

We debuted out 5th episode of the Sierra and Adam vlog tonight! We talked about the little things..you know, the minutia of life that drives each crazy and make you love each other more....

Top 5 Things Right Now

There are always things that I am gushing about to everyone who will listen. Some may call it obsessing but I think it’s just nice to let everyone know about things that have impacted...

The fourth episode of the vlog is out!

We’re getting the hang of it. Our videos are getting more relaxed…more conversational and sounding more like what it’s like to hang out with us. Adam giggles when he watches them, it’s adorable. This...

The third episode of the Vlog is out!

We are back at it this week with a great chat about how exercise makes our marriage better. I enjoyed the more conversational aspect of this one, I hope you enjoy it!

The second episode of the Sierra and Adam vlog

We enjoyed the pilot so much (as did you!) that we have decided to make the vlog a thing. It’s now a thing. Our second episode talks about grooming habits. Adam’s grooming habits actually...

A new adventure: Sierra and Adam Vlog!

Many of you may remember the blog that Adam and I used to have, She Says He Says. We stopped as Adam does not enjoy writing, and it is a hobby after all. I...

Time for Two

Time for Two

We were talking to friends of ours with kids recently about date nights and we all joked that when you’re married without kids, its always date night. Unfortunately, it also means that you probably take it for...