Deep thoughts had while running


I sometimes wish I could record what I think about during the 35 minutes that I run. The good news is that because I’m so busy thinking these deep thoughts and focusing on what I’m doing mean that its the only part of my day where I am not thinking about work…and that’s amazing in itself.  The amount of back and forth with myself on why I don’t want to/am so glad I am doing it is however, pretty amusing. I decided to try and recreate what goes through my head in 10 deep thoughts…because that seemed like an awesome idea when I was amped up on my runners high.

1. Ugh. I’d be so much happier inside where it’s warm and I’d have the internet to distract me. Why do I do this to myself, and why do I start by out running up a hill…arghhhhh.

2. Oh wow…I’m so glad running right now, this feels great and I am running like the wind!! Look at me go…I am graceful like a deer…prance, prance, prance.

3. This sucks. I want to lie down now. I could still turn around and go home. I’m not even half way done…stop being such a wimp! Now I will make myself sprint across all breaks in the sidewalk for roads…thats for whining, punk!

4. Is that guy slowing down, if he jumps out to attack me will I have enough energy to run away? Is anyone home on this street so I can run to their house for help if he does? If I’m already running, won’t I be running faster than him no matter what because of bodies at rest vs bodies in motion principles (AP physics at work, bitches!). If I scream, will anyone help me???

5. Oh, he’s just turning into his driveway. My bad.

6. I think I watch too many crime tv shows. Yessss, I just remembered there are new episodes of Dexter on Netflix…awesome! So odd that Julia Stiles is in it, is that a step down for her, or a good career move…what was the last thing she did anyway?

7. Woo hoo, only 1 mile left to go!!!

8. Because I was such a wimp earlier, I now will sprint the last minute.

9. Why is this not over, why am I sprinting, what was I thinking??? Arggghhhhh..I want to stop…I am gargling my heart like Jillian Micheals says I have to be healthy…this is torture!!! Arrrgggghhhhh…just 30 more seconds…you can do it…ruuuuuuuunnnnnn…5…4…3…2…1…

10. I’m shaking, I want to throw up, but I did not die. I am so thankful that I don’t have to do that again until Sunday.

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Dose of Inspiration 9.1.13


I celebrated the end of the summer this weekend with three days so full of chatting, that my voice is all raspy and I never made it out of my pjs today. A long coffee date on thurs, girls night on fri and my sister Holly in town last night all wore me out! It was however, great fun, and so worth how tired I am today. Most of the day has been spent drinking strong coffee and rearranging my pinterest boards. I have been Pinterest obsessed lately! Such a  great way to gather images and makes it so easy to look back though them. I seem to love it more every day. The above photo is one of my favs from the past week…isn’t it lovely? Have you been bit by the pinterest bug? I’d love to see what you pin! Share your page in the comments below so I can check it out!

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A week of inspiration

You guys…I am having a mad passionate affair with Pinterest. Its so easy to just toss images I fall in love with thought out the day on there. So much more efficiant then when I used to just drag them to a desktop folder and forget about them. Some weeks my findings are of course better than others but this week was amazing and it was pretty tough to choose what my favs for. I figured I could get away with one for each day of the week. So here goes…the images I have found this week that I cannot live without:

weekly inspiration 1

weekly inspiration 2

weekly inspiration 3

weekly inspiration 4

weekly inspiration 5

weekly inspiration 6

weekly inspiration 7

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Daily dose of inspiration 1.7.13


I’ve gone back and forth about these posts.  I stopped them for awhile because I was trying to post only original content and therefore only photos that I took, but recently I had to go through the back log of posts and realized how much I liked seeing them.  So they are returning…enjoy.


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Daily dose of inspiration: Snowy country roads

SnowLinedRoadI didn’t think I’d miss winter as much as I do.  I’m finding myself missing the magical feeling when you walk outside after a huge snow storm and the entire world has turned to a glimmering white…especially at night…there’s nothing like it.  It gets cold here, and it even hailed yesterday for a few minutes, but to me, winter will never feel right without snow days.

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Daily dose of inspiration: Roses, roses everywhere

Getting ready for a show tonight…we don’t set up until 5 so I course had put off getting everything together until this afternoon.  I also have put off taking a shower and getting ready until now…which of course meant that the maintenance men came by at 5 minutes before shower time to fix my tub faucet.  I had a silent,m internal panic attack and decided to blog while waiting and guess what…they’re already done, yay!  I’m only 10 minutes behind schedule…so off I go!

p.s. if you’re in the Austin area I will be at The Rattle Inn with the Austin Social Affair tonight from 7-10!

edited to add:  Photo by  Marcel Bednarz taken in Bonn, Germany where this awesomeness occurs for 3 weeks every spring.

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Daily dose of inspiration: Road to nowhere

BWRoadToNowhereIf you ever read here that I don’t have much to do or anything going on, tell me to shut up and enjoy because wow do I love to pile on the busy.  No time to breathe these days…thankful that Adam travels so much right now as I don’t stop working until about 2am most nights recently.  2012 is however, going to be a fantastic year!!

ps…this weeks post from She Says, He Says where Adam and write about the difference between the male and female perspectives is up!

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How Cyber Monday stole my hard drive

Hudson Valley Road To NowhereAh Cyber Monday.  The kickoff for the holiday shopping season and the mark of when the real works starts for online stores.  It is also the day that technology decided to try and test my ability to keep calm under extreme stress.  This morning only about 5 minutes after the excitement of finding out that I am the featured Artist of the week at Artsy Home caused me to bop around in my chair, my hard drive crashed.

It was a rather surreal moment when I stared at the grey screen with a blinking folder containing a question mark where the 8 or so applications that I was working in at once were only moments ago.  I very calmly took a deep breath, grabbed my iphone and started trouble shooting.  Step 1, fail.  Step 2, fail.  Step 3…this is when I realized that my snow lepoard disk was at my friends house in NY.  I (becoming less calm now) texted him to verify this unfortunate piece of info.  He replied that I needed to call him asap as he knew what happened.  Within 2 minutes my worst computer fear was confirmed.  My hard drive crashed and I had to get a new one…and as this was day one of holiday, madness.  My calm wavered, but I was soothed by his reassurance that it should all be ok by night fall.

I somehow held it together, made a Genius Bar appointment on my phone and headed over to the mall.  As the issue was assessed, I cursed having a custom built macbook pro as the hard drive had to be ordered, and patted myself on the back for having bought the extended warranty (fyi it has paid for itself by now) as the new hard drive was covered.  I left my computer in safe hands and tried to wrap my head around not having my computer for a minimum of 36 hours and up to 4 days…at the busiest time of year.  I also breathed a HUGE sigh of relief that I back up weekly and therefore will lose nothing.

I came home and just stood there staring at my empty desk.  Adam took me out to lnch to basically distract me.  But lunch ended and I had to go home to an inability to work.  I wrnt to target to pick up a few things, came home and worked out, showered and crumpled.

I thought to myslef, that even though this is 2011…there had to be some way of doing something productive without my computer.  Ha! Yeah right.  After I obsessively accessed as much as I could on my iphone, I decided to just take over Adams laptop and can kind of function with it.  However, the new line which is launching tomorrow won’t happen, as I had not uploaded the photographs yet and cannot get to them.  *sigh*  I did feel immensely better though when I realized what I could access between my iphone and Adams computer.  I also found this lovely image in his iphoto that he must have taken via instagram when he came to visit me in NY.  I think I’m driving on the Taconic, and its a Road to Nowhere!  Oh those silver linings…

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Variety is the spice of life…especially when it comes to breakfast?

I’m not really a breakfast person.  I would prefer to just have a cup of coffee, which I do usually have first…but I need to eat something within the first hour I’m awake or I get all shaky.  The dilemma is what can I eat that’s small, gives me energy and is quick to make?  For years I would make the same breakfast everyday for a few months and then get bored and move on the the next.  I however read recently that it’s better for you to mix it up and not repeat the same food multiple days in a row.  So recently I have been alternating a Wasa cracker with natural chunky peanut butter and local honey with a small bowl of cereal of almond milk.  Then this week I was craving egg salad so I hard boiled a bunch off eggs and kept a few in the fridge.  Now my new favorite thing is 2 hard boiled eggs with a sprinkle of Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt (the BEST stuff on earth!) So yummy!  But I ‘m feeling like I want a new mini meal to throw in the mix…any suggestions?

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I have a magical brake light

TracksToNowhereThat’s the positive spin I am putting on my brake light that kept turning itself back on the last few days until it drained my battery and I had to get a very pricey new one delivered to my house.  At the same time that I noticed my dead car, I realized that when you park under certain trees in Texas when it rains, they cover your car in sap.  Yuck.  After a 3 hour venture to find a car wash open in the rain and grocery shopping during the busiest time of day I came home in need of calm repetitive motions.  So I reduced all prices on Sample Sale and Last Chance Sale jewelry.  We’re talking 60% – 75% off the original prices here!  Take a few minutes to browse through the sales and take advantage of my stressful day…stock your gift closet for the upcoming season of needing last minute gifts or just buy yourself something pretty…because you’re awesome and have most likely had a bad day recently as well.

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