The one about the fake tree

Last year when Adam and I moved into to this house together we had just gotten married a couple of weeks before. All of Adams “furniture” was vetoed and I had left a lot of replaceable furniture in NY, such as bookshelves and studio storage. So as we eloped, in lieu of a wedding, we bought furniture.  Most things we bought were pretty major purchases, but a few things…like bookshelves in a variety of shapes and sizes were bought at ikea (ps…their higher end bookshelves are actually really nice!). While at ikea, I did what any sane person does, I loaded up on hangers, a new sheepskin for Faye, a doormat, the worlds largest mirror AND this fake tree.

Checking out with three carts of non essentials, including my "fake" tree.
Checking out with three carts of non essentials, including my “fake” tree.

Some backstory on that tree…the week before, we were at Home Depot looking at plants and Adam became smitten with this tree. The garden center guy asked about the light in the house and all that stuff and determined that it would not do well. So when a week later we saw what I assumed was a fake version at ikea for $19.99 we were excited to not only find the tree in a version I couldn’t kill, but it was so inexpensive! (up to this point I had NO IDEA that ikea sold live plants.)

Our tree out for a water in the yard.
Our tree out for a water in the yard this morning.

We gazed upon our lovely tree later that day and marveled on how authentic the browned tips were (yeah, I know). Fast forward 3 or 4 months…I’m on the phone with my sister Holly and exclaimed…”you know that fake tree I have by the kitchen table, it’s turning brown…wtf??? Ah yes, light dawns on marble heads. Well I watered the poor thing and it perked right up and actually grew wider. It now has to live an odd distance from the corner walls around it as it’s that much wider now. The good news is that Home Depot guy was wrong, the tree did great in our house…and by thinking it was fake, I did not over water it (that’s my m.o. with plants). The bad news is that I now have to find a spot for a good sized tree in our new house…and now that I know its real, should really repot it…especially as I already have it sitting in the the huge pot for which it will live. I ‘m scared to repot it though…there’s a good chance it will keep growing!!

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Daily dose of inspiration: Red leaves

RedFallRoadI have no idea where this is, but I wish I did because I think it would be amazing to drive through it.  The Hudson Valley had spectacular autumns and vivid colors, but they were more of the traditional New England mix of reds, oranges and yellows…the intensity of all red almost doesn’t look real!

ps..there is a huge sale at Manic Trout right now!

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I’ve never like Sundays…


As a kid, Sundays were the worst days.  Saturdays were jam packed with early morning cartoons, fun adventures and sleepovers and then cam Sunday.  Everybody had to go back to their own homes, and it was sleepy and quiet.  As an adult, I’m still not a fan.  In my years in the bar/restaurant world I preffered to work Sundays as at least it made go by faster.  As my work life is now focused online, it gets even more depressing as the crazy busy sites of the weekdays are a ghost town come Sunday.

I declared my distaste of Sundays to Adam a few months ago and made a promise to my self to try and make it better for myself.  Its been going pretty well!  In an ideal world I would hang out with girlfriends on Sundays and gab away the day, but rarely two of our schedules align.  However today is one of those wonderful Sundays where the sun is shining, I’m meeting a new friend for coffee and then off for family time and birthday celebrations with nieces and nephews.  Now that’s a Sunday I can get on board with!

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Daily dose of inspiration: Road to nowhere

BWRoadToNowhereIf you ever read here that I don’t have much to do or anything going on, tell me to shut up and enjoy because wow do I love to pile on the busy.  No time to breathe these days…thankful that Adam travels so much right now as I don’t stop working until about 2am most nights recently.  2012 is however, going to be a fantastic year!!

ps…this weeks post from She Says, He Says where Adam and write about the difference between the male and female perspectives is up!

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Magical silence

weheartitsnowyhouseWhew…what a week!  Every year I get a bit older and I crave longer and longer amounts of quite in my day.  When you don’t have any of it for a week…my goodness it’s wonderful when it occurs again.  After the final madness of shipping out holiday orders, traveling back to NY, being in a house with all of my sisters, friends and extended family and traveling back home to Texas, well lets just say that its lovely to be back in my studio tonight and I am immensely enjoying the silence.

I was hoping for a bit of a white Christmas while back in the Northeast, but it wasn’t in the cards.  I did however, get to hang out with some of my favorite people, see a few new movies and even go wedding dress shopping on my last (more on that later!).

I hope your holidays have been just as wonderful…

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That magical time of year…

I am kind of in shock that Christmas is less than a week away.  Deep breaths.  We fly to NY on Thursday, so I have to be all set and packed by then.  The Christmas shopping is done (thank goodness!) accomplished in one crazy afternoon dashing in the rain to local shops, and the gifts have started to get packed up and shipped off to nieces nephews and other family.  Cookies have been made, and ahem…mostly eaten.  I even made a twinkle tree.  The last show of the year of the year is now behind me and the studio is calming down.  We’re officially in the home stretch here people!

ps…Manic Trout is still shipping in time for Christmas!  Browse the Gift Guide for awesome ideas 😉

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Summer and December

BWTreesHillThe book I’m reading right now is a light and fluffy chic lit but much needed as the last book I read and finished last night was about a small town in Germany and its life from about 1915-1960.  As you can imagine, it was pretty heavy and I need fluff now.  Anyway, the current novel takes place in Austin and the heroine reference the weather here as having two seasons, Summer and December.  It made me feel much better about the 30 degree temps we’ve been having and thankful that I still have a closet of warm coats and my fuzzy slippers. The good news is that when back to the North East for Christmas in a few weeks, I’ll be a bit prepared for the freezing weather there.  Not looking forward to ice, but kind of hoping it snows a little while I’m there.

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