The staging area…

Balloons for Mothers Day
Those of us who do outdoor markets chat about a certain topic often…that people try to shop/touch stuff/ask questions while we are in the middle of a very fast set up time.  It’s a downside of having a show outdoors where people feel there are no boundaries and a dilemma of how to handle the interruption.  I more often then not gladly stop what I’m doing to pull out necklaces or help them find something so they can see what I design and make before I even have it out on the tables, as I know its hard to see part of something without wondering what it’s all about.  But sometimes, you know they are being nosy and are really just in your way…those are the days that you wish you had a door, with a lock.  For example…last Saturday two young girls (around 12 I’d guess) cam running into my tent and grabbed at not the jewelry but a framed photo of press placements and were all excited over it.  I had to explain that they were holding booth decor, not an actual product to purchase, that they were images of the press I’ve had, that’s all.  It was kind of an awkward moment for all of us, hahaha.

So when I walked into the HEB on Tuesday afternoon and saw this…

Balloons Mothers Day
…which was just the biggest collection of balloons that I have ever seen in one place!! I looked around and saw that two women were filling them up and this was their make shift staging area.  I couldn’t help myself though!!  I walked right over and stood in the midst of all of the ribbons…and even though I was perhaps in the way, they didn’t seem to mind as it was the middle of the produce section.  It made me smile thinking to myself as I gazed up at the awesome display before me that sometimes, you just can’t help yourself, you just have to jump right into the staging area.


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