Why I need 5 calendars…confessions from an organized life

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  1. Sheryl K says:

    What does THINGS offer that is different from let’s say…Evernote? Just curious as I have recently adopted Evernote along with my Calendar App. I have considered also adding a traditional monthly paper calendar to my repertoire as well. Feeling organized…is amazing. Happy New Year, Sierra!

    • Happy New Year, Sher!! Things to me is more of a project management app. I only used Evernote when it first came out though, so it may have evolved. I actually don’t bother to use Things on my phone, as I use it more for the tasks that are scheduled and repeated such as bill paying, editorial calendars, when to post my semi annual sample sales. I believe it follows along with the David Allen productivity methods of Getting Things Done. Hope all is well!! xxoo


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